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We’ve always been a family that loves movies. Whether it’s a Disney classic, the latest release, or something a little more educational, we never miss family movie night! And over this last year, we’ve doubled down on our at-home time, which meant that we got to spend even more evenings together watching new favorites. But we can only spend so much time in the living room crowded on the couch or piled on a blanket in the backyard. Now I have Cinemood, and it’s a total game-changer when it comes to entertaining the kids!

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Ready For Fun

Preloaded with tons of content—from Disney movies to games and stories—Cinemood is a mini projector that can literally entertain my kids with hours of awesome fun. And I don’t have to add anything to it! I can set it up anywhere in the house the kids like to hang out. Literally anywhere—the bathtub, backyard, bedroom, even in Brody’s little teepee!

The first time Brody saw this he loved it! It’s like a TV screen inside his teepee! And if we all want to join in, we can put it on the projector and it’s like a mini-movie theater in my backyard. You can bet the whole family loves this! It’s definitely a step up from our normal family movie nights. Even Bobby couldn’t help but join him!

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A Must-Have for Families

We’re a family on the go. While things slowed down a lot during the pandemic, we’re starting to get back to our normal. This means Bobby is back at work, we have long drives for work and play, and we’re trying to get back into a routine. With Cinemood, I can literally pop this in car for long road trips, or play a fun read-a-long for bedtime!

And I can’t ignore the fact that this is great for interactive play too. Instead of just handing my kids a tablet or turning on the TV, there are fun interactive VR games built-in! Shadow puppet lessons, dance playlists, and VR workouts, plus you can watch 360-degree videos!  But whether I join in to play or set it up so I can find a few minutes to clean the kitchen, I know my kids are having an awesome time.

watching movies in the backyard dad and kid watching movies

Watch Content for All Ages

Where has this been my whole life? I have four kids, all at different ages, that like all sorts of different content. Where Brody can watch Frozen on an endless loop and can’t get enough of Sesame Street, my older kids prefer to watch blockbusters like Harry Potter or play video games. Cinemood keeps them all happy!

Whether you’re looking for a unique experience you can gift your kids and family or just want your kids to have fun while you’re making dinner, you’ll love Cinemood. I’m kind of obsessed. My kids love it, so I love it. And it even fits in my purse? Win-win!

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