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9 Essentials for a Family Road Trip

9 Essentials for a Family Road Tripvan in desert

9 Essentials for a Family Road Trip

It’s almost prime vacation season—hello, spring break and summer time! When the kids are out of school, it’s fun to turn the question “What are we doing today?” into “Are we there yet?” But what’s not so fun is being unprepared. They say half the journey is getting there and it’s most true with road trips. When you’re traveling with kids, sometimes the drive can feel a lot longer than it actually is but with this list of must-have items for the car ride, you can turn the drive into one of the best parts of the trip!

mother and child in car

Snacks, Snacks and More Snacks

Hangry is your ultimate enemy. Make sure to bring an ice box that’s filled to the brim with everyone’s favorite snacks. More snacks mean less drive-thru food and a happy stomach for you and the kids!

Where are you going? In the continental US, the two most popular road trip destinations are Yellowstone National Park and Disneyworld.

bag in car


kid snacks

Jam-Good Music and Fun Apps

Nothing gives a good road trip feel like a great playlist. You and the kids can create your own playlists so everyone gets a turn at being DJ! Even though there are scenic views to take in, it’s okay to let the children indulge in their apps from time to time. Make sure all their playlists and favorite apps are downloaded before you drive! 

Until 1954, stop signs were yellow, as red faded too quickly in the sun and made them hard to see at night. When fade-resistant finishes were perfected, regulations mandated that stop signs be painted red with white lettering.

iphone and headphones

“My iPad’s About to Die!”

Portable chargers are a game changer! With multiple people in the car, the chances of everyone’s battery being at 10 percent at the same time is likely. Don’t find yourself being the one with a dead phone for the sake of your children’s devices, and bring multiple chargers!

child on ipad
family on computers

Alternate Entertainment

One of the reasons for road trips is to enjoy the scenery! Make sure to have other games the family can play together like I Spy, the alphabet road sign game, while you were sleeping or even punch buggy! 

50 percent of road trips are made to visit family and friends. This is most common during the holidays when 93.3 million people pile in the van to visit loved ones.

road work sign

Be the Fam With a Plan

You’re off on an adventure! Keep everyone in the family in the loop by creating a small itinerary of the places you’ll see and when you’ll make stops to avoid tons of questions and keep the anticipation high! 

The concrete dividers between opposing lanes of traffic are called Jersey barriers, but they’re not from New Jersey. They were first used in the 1940s on a dangerous stretch of U.S. Route 99 south of Bakersfield, California.

travel accessories

Pack the Meds!

Don’t underestimate the importance of making or adding onto the first aid kit in your car. Pack it full with Advil, Benadryl, Tylenol and whatever else you may need—especially if anyone gets car sick easily!

first aid kit

Keep Your Car Clean

Purchase a reusable trash bag that hooks to the back of a headrest! This will save you from plastic bags filled with crumbs sitting on the floor of the car and clear out some leg room for the long drive ahead. 

There’s nothing like a good road game, and the most popular played in the car are I Spy, the license plate game and 20 questions.

child and dog in car

Keep Yourselves Clean!

If you have hundreds of miles ahead with no rest stop in mind, baby wipes will be your holy grail even if you don’t have a toddler! Use them to clean hands after eating meals or, if you’re traveling somewhere with triple-degree heat, use them to give yourself a quick surface scrub to avoid feeling sticky from sweating! 

There’s a lot of road to travel! According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are over 164,000 miles of highways in the National Highway System, just a small percentage of the four-million-mile public road network.

child in bath with dog

Blankets and Pillows

The key to a smooth ride is comfort. Treat the road trip like a plane ride and make sure everyone is dressed in laid-back clothing (PJs are acceptable!) and has their own blanket and pillow so no one has to share.

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