Thrive With Revive Salon and Spa

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Thrive With Revive Salon and Spa

Has 2019 been moving at warp speed for anyone else? Somehow, it’s already spring, which means it’s almost summer, which means school is almost out. Where is the time going?!? It really does feel like, as we get older, life moves so much faster, and when you’re busy raising a family, an entire year can go by in the blink of an eye. It’s no wonder we moms can barely ever find time for self-care!

Since the holidays, I’ve been in survival mode running errands and carpooling all day, every day. It’s been so long since I was able to schedule some “me time” that sneaking a few extra sips of wine while I’m making dinner feels like a trip to the spa! After catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror the other day, though, it was clear that an intervention was needed—I booked an appointment at Revive Salon and Spa right away!

We’ve been using skincare for thousands of years! In Ancient Egypt creams and oils were used as moisturizers to provide protection from the hot, dry climate.

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woman shopping

Get That Hair Under Control

Not only is Revive Salon and Spa the premier provider of Botox, CoolSculpting and Juvéderm in the San Diego area, but it offers an incredible list of services—including HydraFacial, NovaThreads and Sculptra—to leave you looking and feeling your best. Trust me, by the time you leave Revive Salon and Spa, you’ll come out feeling like a whole new woman, no matter what incredible service you get.

Chemists Eugene Schueller and Franz Greiter developed the first sunscreens for cosmetic use in the 1930s. 

With warmer weather coming up, one of my favorite things is to get my hair removal needs under control. Okay, maybe it’s not my “favorite” thing to do, but it’s definitely essential! Not only is waxing and laser hair removal more convenient, it’s also better for the environment—no more razors piling up in the landfill! Feeling silky smooth without having to worry about irritating stubble is that much better when I know I’m looking out for Mama Earth, too!

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Getting Bikini Ready

Of course, let’s not forget that bikini season is fast-approaching—are you ready to get sculpted? The good news is that spring is the best time of year to do it! At Revive Salon and Spa, you’ll learn all about this non-invasive, fat-freezing treatment that provides permanent, proven results. Does it mean you should go have an extra scoop of ice cream? No, but you might be able to smooth out some of the damage left over from Christmas. 🙂

Best of all, being at Revive Salon and Spa gives me the opportunity to kick back and be the one getting pampered for a change. Yes, I can admit that sometimes I struggle with letting others take care of me, but I’m learning to push aside the mom guilt and let my inner Cleopatra take over. If that means treating myself to a day at Revive Salon and Spa, then sign me up!

I will be going on a journey with Revive Salon and Spa and here are some of the treatments they decided to do on me to give me that relaxed look.

Cheek Contouring

With age, the face naturally loses volume and structure. Two syringes of Voluma were used to restore volume while gently lifting and contour the cheeks. A cannula (flexible hollow tube with a blunted tip) was used during the treatment. This method enhances comfortably during the treatment and reduces the risk of bruising as fewer pokes are required. We first started with half a syringe on one side and the results were hardly noticeable. We ended up using two syringes. As you can see, two syringes in the midface will still give a natural-looking effect. We were able to create more structure and restore volume that will provide a better foundation when targeting other areas such as the tear troughs (under the eyes). Some individuals will need two to three syringes to reach optimal results. lip before and after

Lip Smoothing

Volbella is used to add subtle volume to the lips, while also smoothing vertical lines. Volbella results in a very natural look and gives lips a more hydrated, youthful appearance. There is added lidocaine in both Volbella and Voluma which acts as an anesthetic and makes the treatment more comfortable. Topical numbing cream was used as well due to the higher sensitivity and softness of the mouth. Volbella is great for someone who is looking to subtly soften their lips for a light and natural appearance.

Women who regularly invest in their appearance spend an average of $3,756 a year. That’s over a quarter million dollars in a lifetime. 

woman in salon woman looking in the mirror woman looking in the mirror

Be a Supermom

After all, when a mom is feeling her best, she’s able to give that much more to the people in her life (I’m looking at you, Bobby, and our amazing kids!), and I’m all about finding ways to boost my superpowers. Quick, someone tell me where I left my cape. I’ve got a spa appointment to get to!

Have a crazy busy week? Revive Salon and Spa has two locations to accommodate your schedule. One in Mission Valley and another in Carmel Valley! 

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