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Without You, Our Puzzle Wouldn’t Be Complete…

This is a rare first for me- I’m actually at a loss for words when it comes to saying all the things that come to mind about this new UNPAVED road with our new Schaffer Party Of Six. It’s been nothing short of fascinating and overwhelming all at that same time. We are like a puzzle set with all the shapes so different but somehow manage to fit together as one.  Not an easy task may I add.

You see I am a person who on most days thrives and yearns for chaos.  However, this time around I am truly struggling.  Trying to find a way to balance it all and with minimal sleep it has been quite the challenge.  I know I am only 5 weeks postpartum, but we are a big family and life goes on: the sun rises, the sun sets and you can’t put life on pause.  What am I supposed to do?

girl and boy

How can a mom a few weeks postpartum control the energy these kids are exuding?  We all know my husband is Clark Griswald who likes to go, go, go.  And as for the rest, well they have been trained by their on-the-go family that lives by, “What can we do next?”

Roman wants to play and dive into character on most days.  Jackson wants to play football, or skateboard 24/7 and Dylan likes to dress up, play dolls, and draw.  I have noticed the gang is doing better with entertaining themselves, letting me sit on the sidelines nursing the baby.  It helps for sure, but is also hard for me to sit back when I too want to dive in the fun with them.

silly kid


dad with children

dad with children

dad baby dad and children

happy children

dad and kids

Thriving on Chaos at Home

All of this, the chaos of my family, the baby screaming at night, the profanity in my mind, not sure how they all fit together, but they do like a jumbo size puzzle.  As I mentioned before I do thrive on chaos, however I just need to pull in the reigns during this time in recovery and adjustment. I do after all have a new born.

The team sports can wait, playing and having fun can be had at home, and daddy can choose one thing to do for our outing, not three.  We can all adjust, even myself.  A little breathing, exhaling and surrendering to my new reality is ok.  Plus, there are perks to our new large family I have been observing.

Perks To Our New Large Family

  • We can accomplish any household chore faster with everyone pitching in.  We are a family that verbally rewards and sometimes we let the kids pick what we will do for all their hard work.
  • Every Day Seems to be more festive.  A dear friend of mine who also has four always said she loved her dinner table with four kids.  Considering I was an only child till I was 11 I am absolutely loving all the personalities at dinner.  This is something I could only dream about as a kid.
  • You have support:  No matter whats going on in your life you will always have support from someone in the house.  There will always be someone in the house who appreciates you.
  • You never feel alone.  One thing I hated as an only child was feeling alone.  I leaned on my cousins a lot, but now with this big family, I am never alone and neither are they.  You always have someone you can spend quality time with.  Ok you may have to dress as Darth Vader, but you get the point.

bothers and sister

dad baby and brother

baby awake

baby awake

baby sleeping

dad and baby

I would love to hear from you!  Comment below and let me know about the dynamic in your house and if you too are experiencing rare firsts in your home!

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4 thoughts on “Rare Firsts”

  1. Wow— this post truly tugged at my heartstrings— I’M at a loss for words after seeing these sweet images and the refreshing aspect of love and honesty that you share to tell the story. Not all life rainbows and gumdrops even with. A family as gorgeous as yours. It’s nice to see you weathering this storm that too shall pass!!!!

  2. Love this, love the way you write….you capture the “blissfully maddening chaos” so well! I, too, am a mom of 4 (all boys)….I’m a little farther in as my kids are a bit older at 18, 10 and two 7 year olds. I can assure you it does get more manageable….mind you, I did not say easier, but you will definitely adjust and become totally used to your new normal very soon ? My “first” is that my oldest left home for college this year….if anything makes you feel more like time has flown and is so very short, I don’t know what it is! So, with that said, enjoy every crazy, frustrating, overwhelming, heart-warming, precious moment….you were made for this.

    • wow Sarah, your words were exactly what I needed to hear…. Thank for your support on this… Its been such the crazy ride and with me being sleep deprived I don’t know if I am coming or going… hugs to you for your support and letting me know I am not alone


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