I love the idea of a push present for all that expectant moms endure during pregnancy. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or want to understand the origins of this meaningful tradition, here are some thoughtful and luxurious push present ideas to consider.

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Whether or not you are a first time mommy or like me, the fourth time around, you surely deserve a gift of some sort.  We all know a healthy baby is the best gift, but we are talking about spoiling momma for what she went through to get there.

Having a baby places tremendous demands on a woman—there are numerous risks, and it’s a complex task to create organs like a pancreas or a liver. We endure ten long months of body changes and sleepless nights while carrying one of life’s greatest blessings.

One morning, everything went wrong. I forgot the night diaper on my three-year-old, resulting in a completely wet bed, hair, and pillows—an absolute disaster. With only an hour to get my three kids ready and out the door for school, the extra 20 minutes needed to clean up threw us off schedule.

Then, amidst breakfast and lunch preparations, my daughter had a meltdown over missing library books, adding to the chaos. Just as we were leaving, Roman pooped his pants. Overwhelmed and unable to leave the house on time, I cried, took a few deep breaths, and somehow, we moved on, albeit late.

So, to those who question the need for a push present, believe me when I say mothers deserve that and so much more. Every mom has faced the chaotic mornings and the physical strains of pregnancy. Moms truly endure a lot—that’s undeniable!

What is a Push Present?

A push present (also known as a push gift, baby mama gift, or baby bauble) is a present a father gives to the mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child. The cost can range from sentimental to luxury. The most important thing is the sentiment.

When did a push present become a thing?

I first heard of the push present 17 years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child. It’s no secret that I love all holidays where we get to open a little something special.  So I immediately gave my darling Bobby a list of all the things I would love to have.

While the exact origin of push presents is undetermined, the concept has been around for hundreds of years, tracing back to Egypt, the UK, and India. Jewelry is a customary gift.

Push Present Ideas

I decided to investigate the push present a little further and looked at the hashtag #pushpresent on Instagram to actually see what moms are getting these days. If you’re an insta-lover and are in the market for push present suggestions, check out these new mommy’s sweet thank-you presents.  I think their significant other’s totally nailed it!

I’ve also come up with a few of my favorite push presents.  You can share this list with your partner if you dare. Also, these are great gift ideas for an anniversary if you are not pushing a baby out!

(Please note that I have excellent, high-caliber, 5th Avenue, with NYC flare…type of taste.  I blame those before me, Grandma Lucy, and my fashionista mother.)
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Tiffany Jewelry

Tiffany & Co. necklace jewelry for push present idea

Oh, the little blue box! Nothing says I love You more than the little blue box.  Way to go Dad! (via @laurenkristy7)


Ranger Rover SUV as a push

Say hello to the super charged ride. Of course if it’s within your means, I would call this the pimp present. However, this dad professed his love on his Instagram to his wife and new born son and this car was his way to say thank you. (via @chidimokeme)

Louis Vuitton Bag

Louis Vuitton bag

Oh the designer bags… Women just love a designer bag and this mom knew what she wanted.  A classic Louis Vuitton (via @ashleymay1424)

A Rolex

Rolex watch for push present

Definitely my favorite watch and these ladies got it right.  I love this post the most because the push present is reversed with these two girls.  The one who pushed out the baby girl not only gave the gift of a perfect child, but handed her wife a pink Rolex.  What’s so funny is she ended the post with the hashtag #winning.  I couldn’t agree more, you surely are winning and I love a nice Rolex! (via @jlrichaud)

Chanel Bag

Chanel bag

This post caught my eye not because it’s a fabulous classic Chanel bag, but because the mom got this #pushpresent from her mom and dad.  I didn’t know mom and dad’s could join in on the fun.  Love this idea!  (via @jewish_chick)

Cartier Jewelry

engraved ring for push present

Oh, how I love Cartier.  And this sweet rose gold love ring is monogrammed with her baby’s initials and her birthday!  Just the sweetest thing! (via @krthome)

Cooler & Beach Chairs

kid enjoying chair and yeti cooler

Some moms get jewelry, some get bags, some get flowers, but this mom got an awesome sea-foam cooler and beach chairs prepping for summer.  I just love this post and how stoked this mom was for her cooler and chairs. (via @ryannegoneke)

Gucci Bag

Gucci wallet

Nude and Fringe oh my….. I just love this fabulous Gucci bag!  What a great purse.  Mom was certainly thankful for her push present. (via @somewherelately)


Canon camera

This mom got a great push present.  If you don’t already have an SLR, it’s an absolute must when you have a baby.  There are never enough pictures and having a good camera is so perfect!  Way to go dad on this one! (via @briannazzzuniga)

Stackable Rings

stackable rings for a push gift

This mom displayed her new stackable rings from Dad as her push present.  I also love how she says she didn’t push but still got the gift.  C-sections matter too.  Congrats Mom on the rings and the sweet tiny feet. (via @coliegri)

A Weekend Getaway

a pregnant woman standing in a field

A few other options could be a weekend getaway with friends or your significant other.  Book a hotel for your wife to sleep in….  We occasionally need to escape our day-to-day. And let’s not forget a possible spa package to get some R&R.

When should you give a push present?

In practice, the present may be given before or after the birth, or even in the delivery room. Sometimes they’re given at a push party, a baby shower alternative, that celebrates the mother near the end of her pregnancy.

Do husbands give push presents?

While it’s common for husbands to give push presents, every family is different. Anyone close to the expectant parent can give a push gift. That can be the husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, partner, or even the grandparents. I’ve even heard of push presents for dads.

I would love to hear from you.  Did you ever want a push gift? What was your push present? Please share your story below!

a pregnant woman walking in a shopping plaza with 3 small children

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  1. “Oh Marcie…Marcie– Wherefore art thou Marcie?!!” Haha!! Does adoption count too?? Very sweet post– I know that dads may feel left out on this one. But hey, to give an amorous gift, is to also recieve that tremendous yet simple joy of giving, and appreciation from your ‘human incubator.’ And come on let’s face it, maybe the daddy’s can earn a P-gift the day they must endure nuclear indigestion and heartburn with the side order of constipation from water loss, egged on by colossal bouts of barfing, etc…and oh yea, like what all the stuff you said!


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