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The Quintessential Dedicated Dad


Each day I try to be grateful for something in this roller coaster of a life we are all living.  With father’s day around the corner, I can’t help, but feel completely blessed for the man my little tribe calls “Daddy.”

You see, I didn’t grow up in some fairy tale Brady Bunch world.  All of my friends can attest to my not so story book life.  However, for my kids, it’s a completely different experience.  They have Bobby and I day in and day out.  Bobby’s not the type of guy who just  goes to work and then wants his “me” time.  No, he’s quite the opposite, his life and schedule is 100% planned around the time he can spend with the kids.  He gets up at 5 am every day so he can go to the gym before any of us wake up.  That’s just one of the several things he does to spend all of his time with us.

To be a good father you have to present, you have to be a great role model, a good disciplinarian, and definitely sympathetic to the kids various needs.  But most importantly to be a good dad truly starts with being a good husband, because great husbands by default become great dads.  If there is one thing your kid/kids need is a stable, loving, nurturing home.  If your marriage is ROCK SOLID, the “awesome dad” thing is sure to follow.


Here are the top five ways my husband is getting a monument this father’s day:

1.  Kids in Tow: One thing Bobby always makes sure we do is take the kids wherever we want to go.  We always take them out to eat, to the beach, shopping, and on long trips.  Bobby always make sure we live our lives with kids in tow.  The kids absolutely love it.



2. Late night feedings & bath time:  This man is truly not worried about changing a diaper, getting dirty or washing a kid.  He helps me all the time.  He knows when I am pregnant, I can barely bend, so he steps up without me asking to do so.  We all know how grateful I am as the mom, but the kids too see what a stellar man he is.  And when I have late night feedings and we are dying to sleep, I can assure you he is up with me, keeping me company pushing me to get through the exhaustion.  For me, he’s a true gem, a true partner in this crazy ride of parenthood.  It’s not easy, but he goes the distance.

3.  Being an Affectionate Dad:  Bobby dotes on, hugs and kisses the kids.  He’s an affectionate man and on many occasions I would enter the living room and all three of our kids would be curled up snuggled around him.   I do believe because he is affectionate, our kids will also be that way.  They love giving hugs and kisses and it truly shows his actions rub off on them.



4. Praising kids:  We have all heard it before about parents that are not nice to their kids.  How awful and it shouldn’t ever happen, not even once.  Sure we give time outs when needed, but we try to tell the kids all the good things they are doing and how proud we are when they do it.  Bobby is always praising the kids as their dad and really rewarding them by telling them how happy this makes him.  He talks to the kids the minute he walks in the door so they can brag to him about their day and he could compliment away.  Bobby much rather our kids have high self esteem problems than ever feeling sad about themselves.

5.  Appreciate them while they are young:  Bobby loves and appreciates all the stages of childhood.   However, I could remember him being afraid of them getting older than 5.  Our oldest is 8 and it sure has been great, but it does go by fast with these 8 years feeling more like 3 have passed.  Bobby watches our perfect trifecta explore and become little people by shaping and molding them into honest noble kids.


IMG_4257 copy

6- Dad’s Time: (This one is my favorite) What kids really want out of their dad is his time.  Bobby is an expert at this one.  He is a fully committed father and husband, always planning the next adventure whether close or far away with his family.  He is 100% committed to the role of being a father knowing that all the kids really want is your time as opposed to the latest and greatest toy.  Every minute a parent spends with their kid, every hug, every moral, every time you show someone less fortunate compassion will indeed rub off on them.  Bobby’s kindness, wisdom and not-so-funny jokes (shhhhh) rub off on our trio.

Bobby is getting a monument this year as father of the year because he knows he is molding little lives, he knows they have impressionable little minds who glare at him as their hero.  It’s a huge job to fill being someone’s hero.  When my kids make us stop to give change to the homeless man in the middle of the road I start to see how much they have in common with Bobby.  Why is that?  Because they are becoming just like their dad!


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6 thoughts on “The Quintessential Dedicated Dad”

  1. Bobby is a stand up man! Always has been, and you are the model parents! I am always amazed with his ability to manage and balance a busy career and all the family festivities. It is NOT easy, but you guys make it seem effortless. Happy Fathers day Mr. Schaffer!!

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