I was very into dance growing up. My grandmother would take me three days a week for ten years to a dance studio in Brooklyn, New York. She visited her friends while I danced the night away. I primarily did ballet with a focus on toe. It was something I looked forward to because the studio was much more than a place where I danced, but more-so like another family of friends.

When I first found out I was having a girl 7 years ago, I knew I wanted her to be involved in a dance studio as well. I wanted to her to frolic around in her tutu and channel her love for all things frilly and twirly at an awesome dance studio. Dancing is a natural way for kids to express themselves. We see it all the time in children, when you put music on they start to move. Not only is it a form of expression for kids, but for adults too. Especially where many adults can lead stressful lives when it comes to looking after their kids and working every day, it is always important to find a way to relieve this stress and enjoy yourself once in a while. This is where dancing comes into play. Whether it is dancing to a couple of piano songs during your first dance (wedding) or watching your kids take part in a dance competition at school, as long as everyone is having a good time, that’s all that should matter.


I came across Love To Dance, Inc., when I first moved back to San Diego 2 1/2 years ago. The owner has that North East flare that I love and truly runs such a tight ship. You can see how this dance studio is also a 2nd home for all the dancers. Some are in the corner doing homework while others are gazing at those performing waiting for their turn to shine.

Dylan has been participating in dance for four years now and she just loves it. As a mom I could now see there are so many benefits to dancing. Here are a few benefits worth considering:

1. Dance utilizes the entire body, it involves a great range of motion and endurance

2. It fosters interaction with other children. It also enables kids to work in a group dynamic. Dance truly helps children learn how to cooperate with the instructor as well as the dance team.

3. Dance promotes some level of maturity in such a structured outlet. Children learn how to be aware of themselves and others. They learn about one’s character and self-esteem.





At Love to Dance, Inc., Mindy Love Watkins incorporates such lovely traditions in her studio, like having the dancers wear their hair up to clapping at the end of class and so much more. According to Watkins, “We do not want to be the biggest dance studio, but we are completely focused on being the best.” The programs at Love To Dance, Inc., are specifically designed for constant growth and improvement. The studio has such an intimate feel which enables the kids to build strong relationships with their mentors.

At tonight’s big recital, all of Watkins efforts were seen tenfold in such an outstanding performance. I cried after each performance because you could see so many of the dancers flourish and really shine on stage. They all persevered throughout the year and there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience. Each performance moved seamlessly with such a smooth transition to the next. I was utterly impressed.

If you are local to the San Diego area, this might be the studio for you. There are plenty of options this summer and also starting up this fall. Click here for more information and Mindy would love to invite you to see why year after year, her dancers just LOVE TO DANCE!












THANKS TO ALL THE STAFF AT LOVE TO DANCE INC., FOR LETTING OUR GIRL FLOURISH THROUGH THE ART OF DANCE! I would love to hear from you, has your child taken dance and what are your thoughts?


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8 thoughts on “Why We Love To Dance!”

  1. Ahhhh, another reason I live vicariously through you and your lovely, lucid descriptions of these moments/outlets that my boys just ain’t gonna be doin’ anytime soon! Such a sweet cause that the expression of dance represents. My boys are definitely into music— but dance is so all engaging (especially physically) for all the reasons mentioned. Hey, there’s always hope I guess;)

  2. I had one of the most wonderful dance experiences ever on Sunday when it was Family Day at Independence Village where my Mother lives. There was a DJ and Dubbie and I danced to some fast music. Then the DJ put on a slow song. Dubbie had never slow danced before and I was showing him how to hold his arms and move his feet. Then he put both of his arms around my waist, put his head against my abdomen, and danced with me. Tears were streaming down my cheeks because it was such a sweet moment of interaction. Yes, I want to add one more benefit of dance. It is a loving gesture to wrap our arms around each other through music.

  3. Thank you for so eloquently sharing your story. I agree 100% my daughter has been with mindy since she began dance at 2 1/2. Both mindy and her entire staff and all the dancers have guided and loved my darling zoey for the last 7 years. And now my son has begun his own dance journey through watching his sisters and others dance over the years. I am so glad your daughter and your family were able to find Love to Dance, Inc.

    • Lisa thank you for sharing…. You are so lucky to have your boy involved… I would love to get mine involved for sure… Maybe i can convince them! HOw wonderful to have been in the same place for over the years. It’s so nice for the kids… Thanks for sharing xoxo

  4. Miss Mindy has made my daughter love to dance and express herself as well. I am so glad that Kallie was able to dance with Dylan. Kallie always looked forward to her classes with Dylan in them. Kallie has danced for Mindy for 3 years now and wants to be a dancer now when she grows up. She dances everywhere!!!


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