When She Makes More Than Him

When She Makes More Than Him

Is the term ‘breadwinner’ still a thing? And is it affecting your marriage? In a recent study, millennial women feel conflicted about being the “breadwinner.” If you’re finding it hard to keep up with being a mom, a boss, and a wife, then tune in! We discuss breaking gender stereotypes and maintaining a healthy marriage while you’re also making bank. Yes, women can have it all. From making our dough and baking it, too, Rebecca Riedy & Jenn Morris shed some light on women who are truly showing the money!

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Getting Over Mom Guilt

When you’re making waves in your career, it’s hard not to feel guilty about being away from the kids—especially if your work involves travel or late-night deadlines (we’re very familiar). Another worry is are you spoiling your kids now that you have the income? The group suggests “How to Raise an Adult” by Julie Lythcott-Haims to let yourself off the hook from mom guilt, and to also avoid ‘overparenting’ so that you’re raising your child to hold themselves accountable, find their own independence and take responsibility.

Financial Freedom

Whether you grew up without money, had strict parents who oversaw your spending, or always scraped by on a paycheck to paycheck basis, there’s a lot of liberation that comes with finally getting some financial freedom. The women discuss their own experiences on growing up, in past relationships and in past careers and come away with some important takeaways: making money is a huge confidence-booster, you have to build the life you want and you need to go at your marriage, and parenting your kids, as a team with your partner. Plus, Danielle shares an incredible story of grit and tenacity while trying to afford her Masters education.

The Comparison Game

We can’t help it. Do you compare yourself to other women who chose to stay at home instead of work? When you’re the breadwinner of the family, it’s common to feel envious of those that are able to stay home with their kids or even feel a sense of superiority—yeah, we go there. The ladies talk about finding the balance between work-life and kids (Danielle is on a strict, three-times-a-day phone schedule you have to hear about), and how we need to support each other as women to truly succeed in life.

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