Cheater, Cheater, Nanny Eater!

Cheater, Cheater, Nanny Eater!

Jenn Morris & Rebecca Riedy join me in studio. In this hilarious episode, the girls collect some tips on how to keep your man yours, and yours alone. Have you ever heard of men cozying up with the nanny? Well, on this show we uncover some real and outlandish TRUE stories. Jenn Morris is a successful television host, radio host, and voice-over artist. Jenn has become a station host with NBC San Diego. In addition to being behind the mic and in front of the camera, Jenn recently co-founded the podcast production company, Podcast Duo. She also can be heard on iTunes and Audible as the voice of various New York Times bestselling audiobooks. Rebecca Riedy is no stranger to “The Mom Confidential” and besides acting she is an announcer for the American Music Awards, Golden Globes and is also known for her comedic bits on Jimmy Kimmel. Together, we uncover what women can do to potentially avoid cheating with the help from happening right under our noses, in our own homes! An Episode you won’t want to miss.

Together, they cover this serious topic with a lot of humor and truth. With some solid tips like stay away from whale tail and flash your shank, this hour-long podcast is filled with advice that applies to your whole life to help you and your family stay far away from a People Magazine cheating scandal cover story.

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Listen to Your Gut!

It’s important to know who you’re hiring. There’s a lot to uncover about someone who could work for you beyond an interview or background check. Sometimes your gut is your best bet! Danielle shares a story about a potential hire who showed up wearing a crop top and why she still remembers what the girl looks like today. The group talks about the importance of setting yourself up for success by marrying someone who you trust and knowing how and when to avoid a potential wild card.

Claim Your Territory and Do Your Research

If the man is yours, make it known. There’s nothing shameful in letting another woman know that you know your husband is a catch and that you’re not afraid of confrontation. Danielle, Jenn and Rebecca highlight how to set the tone of your husband’s friendships with other women, boundaries and tolerance levels in your own relationship.

When hiring a potential nanny, social media is basically that best friend who goes total FBI on a person. Check tagged photos and comments to see the people she surrounds herself with. If the photos are scandalous, so is the person. Trust the photos—especially if there are several bikini photos.

Why Do People Cheat?

The million-dollar question has some answers that you need to know so you can be aware of what to look out for. Nannies are hired to listen to the wife, provide for the kids and help the family, but when the attention shifts to the husband, the women share what you need to do next! Hint: Show that nanny the door or DM Danielle; she has a shovel.

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