The Most Glamorous Oscar Awards Viewing Party

The Most Glamorous Oscar Awards Viewing Party

Lights, Camera…Action! Oh yeah, it’s that time of year again. Melissa Cizauskas and I donned our best movie star wardrobe and hit the red carpet at the 5th annual viewing of the Oscars with the San Diego Film Festival. This was an incredible year for film, with so many powerful stories and gut-wrenching performances to dive into, and on this episode, we wanted the inside scoop on attendee’s predictions. We got those spot-on predictions and so much more by talking with an impressive lineup including Terry Stanley from the San Diego Film Foundation, SD Unified Superintendent Cindy Marten, SDFF CEO and Artistic Director Tonya Mantooth, and more! The result? An episode filled with important messages of empowerment, goals from the community’s most impactful trailblazers and, of course, movie makers!

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And the Winner Is…

San Diego Film Festival’s President of Strategic Partnerships Terri Stanley cast her ballot along with her husband George on who would take home Best Actor and Best Picture. I won’t give away any details, but it’s safe to say I’m sitting next to her when she fills out her ballot next year. We also discussed how far the foundation has come in these past few years, thanks to Terri’s ability to totally slay in pitch meetings. Her hard work has resulted in partnerships with companies like Morgan Stanley and Maserati acknowledging all of the passion and dedication SDFF contributes to the community. 

Everyone Has a Story

Maybe it’s just us, but we think Cindy Marten should run for president. San Diego Unified’s superhero/Superintendent stopped by to talk about how the district is changing the game when it comes to arts education in schools. With almost 200 schools under her wing, Cindy is equipping students with the tools to express themselves through art programs, as well as teaching them to listen, absorb and come to critically-formed opinions in all aspects of their life—including film! Children will lead the way and as we chatted about our teaching days, Cindy left us inspired and eager to share her message with the world.

Woman of the Hour

Only after gushing over Glenn Close’s phenomenal performance in “The Wife,” San Diego Film Festival’s CEO and Artistic Director Tonya Mantooth talked with us about the foundation’s amazing “Focus on Impact” program. Launched two years ago, the program takes films from the festival that deal with important global issues and brings them to schools across the county to encourage students to talk, celebrate, debate and reflect. With plans to build curriculums and continue to unite students in this endeavor, what’s next except a total world takeover?!

About The Guest Co-Host

Melissa Cizauskas is a force of nature. She rocks the San Diego area as a dynamic and successful businessperson, a leader of woman entrepreneurs, and a tireless communicator and coach. Melissa has been featured in several publications, television programs, and has hosted her own radio program.

Melissa has received multiple owners from her real estate profession to entrepreneur of the year in San Diego from women’s council of realtors, just sales person of the year for North American title in Silicon Valley…

Melissa’s motto is “Status quo no Bueno!” She has been married 20 years and has a 17-year-old daughter with her husband they currently reside in San Diego, and as she states ‘she aspires to inspire before she expires’! You can expect to see a lot more from Melissa, as she recently launched her dream to start a nonprofit, called “Hearts in Hand.” She is building a nursing home and convalescent care facility,  providing loving and attentive care, and alternatives for those who cannot afford to care for themselves. She also runs The Bay Club Women’s Network.

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