Death is Not the End & Love Never Dies

Death is Not the End & Love Never Dies

Rebecca Rosen joins us in the studio today. Life is all about connection—making connections with our friends, with nature, with ourselves. It’s what fuels us to get up and get going every morning. But what happens when our loved ones are no longer with us? It’s hard to believe that their spirit could just disappear entirely. Whether you believe in mediums or not—and let’s face it, I do and you should—it’s comforting to know that our loved ones are still with us…as we visit their favorite places, argue with our husbands, and even as we save the fish from our crazy two-year-old… All kidding aside, I need to give thanks to incredible people like Rebecca Rosen, who’s been using her medium and psychic skills for over 20 years, showing us that connecting to those we’ve lost is possible. I recently went to a small group reading while she was in California and it was the most profound experience after losing my baby brother. He came through like I knew he would and it truly brought me great comfort. It’s no wonder Rebecca is an ambassador between the spirit world and our day-to-day world–relaying wisdom and insight from angels, guides and those who have passed on to people seeking answers in the here and now. She has written three books and international bestsellers: “Spirited,” “Awaken the Spirit Within” and “What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well.” And appeared on TV and radio programs including The Dr. Oz Show, an E! News Special, Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight, Oprah & more. She also had her own television show, The Last Goodbye, where she connected people seeking answers from their deceased loved ones. With multiple books, TV appearances and being able to talk to those who’ve passed on—is there anything she can’t do? I hope you enjoy this episode where we dive into connecting with those we have lost.

Connecting Beyond Death

Rebecca Rosen’s ability to connect with guardian angels and loved ones that have passed on is simply powerful. At the beginning of the show, Danielle recounts her experience at Rebecca’s small group reading. Among seven other people, Danielle was one of the first to hear a message from her brother, who recently passed away. Not only was it incredibly comforting in the moment, the experience left her smiling from ear to ear with a new sense of peace with his death. Co-Host Rebecca Riedy shares a similar experience she had with a medium years after her father passed away. In an emotional recount, the girls talk with Rebecca about how our loved ones are always watching over us.

Spiritual Beginnings

Rebecca Rosen breaks down the difference between being a psychic and being a medium. Everyone has intuition, tuning into telepathic waves of energy and picking up on present and future thought-forms. Medium is a much more involved process where you interpret spirit energy. For Rebecca, this ability came late in the game for her, during her years away from home at college. When her grandmother’s spirit and energy seemed to take over her hand as she was journaling, Rebecca began to tap into her greater purpose.

Love Never Dies

Whether it’s in a realistic dream or through powerful light energy, the group talks about the power of love and goodness in the afterlife and beyond. Rebecca says that when you hear a clear thought in your head that seems out of the blue or doesn’t align with your vocabulary, you may be connecting with a spirit. Danielle recounts a vivid dream of being with her brother and Rebecca says that after dreams like that, you should thank that loved one for visiting so that they know the message was received. Our loved ones send us messages all of the time, all around us, we just need to open our eyes and believe.

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