Getting my health back in order last year was one of my top goals and greatest achievements. If you’re anything like me, you’re no stranger to dieting, fasting, doing literally anything to lose weight. And to no avail. Last year was the first year I switched up my priorities to put health first, before the pounds, and approach fitness as a way to make myself stronger, healthier, and happier.

This year I want to continue on that path. It’s taken me so long to get to a place where I feel as good as I look and I don’t want to stop now! To help me stay thriving, I look to low-calorie and healthy drinks to help maintain all of my hard work. Because sometimes you need a little more zing than just water.

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New Year, Same Spirit

I’ll be honest, we’re total fans of fruit juice in this house! Oftentimes we make our own smoothies and pressed juices, but I still feel that I’m missing out on traditional favorites like cranberry juice. It’s so refreshing, that perfect balance of tart and sweet—so I’m so glad that I found Ocean Spray Diet! Not only does it taste good, it’s good for you.

A great perk if you are trying to drop some weight, the juice is five measly little calories, making it an insanely great low-cal option. Even more of a bonus, it only has one gram of sugar (something I’ve been trying to cut back on this year), and a great source of vitamin C. Running around with the kids, getting (and maintaining) that energy is important. That tart cranberry flavor helps me feel fresh, alert, and ready to tackle the day.

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How I Drink It

I love how versatile this juice is! My recent routine has been pouring myself a big glass of Ocean Spray Diet over ice first thing in the morning. It’s so refreshing and easy to carry it around with me as I get ready for the day. I also take it on the go with me on those days I’m running behind or just need a little pick me up.

But here’s the key: there are so many different ways to enjoy your juice. If you’re like me and love a bit of sweetness, it’s an easy, healthy swap for traditional sugar-laden fruit juice or smoothies. You still get that satisfying taste, minus all of the bad stuff! For when the day calls for a little fizz in your sip? Mix it with a little club soda or sparkling water—just a splash is enough to give it the same zing without any of the added calories! Yum.

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Health in Every Sip

No matter how you’d prefer to enjoy it, this juice has been such a go-to for me for maintaining and improving my overall health. It’s a simple and delicious way to put your wellness first this year. I seriously look forward to drinking my glass as part of my everyday routine. There are so many ways to approach “resolutions.” This year, my goal is to continue to glow, and this drink is my secret tool to glowing from the inside out.

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