Every time I step foot back in New York City, I’m reminded of my roots. Who knew that my visits back home would still set my soul ablaze? I am definitely fortunate to say I grew up in NYC, and running around the streets telling tales to my kids makes me so happy. I love sharing my old stomping grounds, showing them my favorite places, and seeing their own love for the best city in the world start to take shape.

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Stories for Days

Sure, the city has an epic tale of history woven into its soul, but I too have my own tales that truly made me who I am. Like how I snuck through a kitchen of a club at 14 years old to see Madonna sing “Lucky Star.” Or that one time when I was an extra on “Sex and The City” and ended up going on a date with Aiden — true story! I feel like everywhere I turn I’m reminded of an amazing memory from growing up in New York City.

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The Place That Raised Me

Did you know my grit and tenacity caused policies to change at my college in NY? I was so proud when I got accepted into the Master’s program at Wagner. But I needed to hustle fast and figure out a way to pay the steep $35k tuition. Then I found a loophole. (Always count on me to find the loophole!) All the teachers who had “student teachers” would receive a free class. You better believe I connected with every one of them and asked if I could use their credit if they weren’t!

My efforts awarded me 90 credits above a Master’s degree. The secretary in the education department actually made me a plaque. However, because of me, they changed the policy that you couldn’t transfer these credits to other people after my bill was practically paid for. You better believe I’ll always find a way!

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Raised a Dreamer

That story is just one of the thousands I have! It’s that magic that comes from growing up in a city that lets you dream big and offers an opportunity on every corner. I carry that same zest for life and passionate grit with me today. No matter where we live, I truly will always be a City Girl! Has your hometown shaped you?

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