I will always pride myself on being a cheerleader to the human race! Sure, I am a glass-half-full kind of mama, but I still believe in the good of humans and I still want to always see the best in people. How I tackle that is by doing the most important job—encouraging, supporting, and raising kind kids. Our children have the ability to leave things better than how they found it. I believe every generation is a new opportunity for a kinder, more compassionate human race and I believe that starts at home!

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Changing Your Mindset

People parent and do things differently and that’s okay. However, one thing we can all do is always encourage kindness. Imagine how beautiful the world would be if everyone just had something positive to say. What about spending the day only saying positive things? We don’t realize how negative we can be thinking or speaking until we give ourselves a challenge like this. It’s all about putting things in perspective and flipping the switch on the narrative we’ve been telling ourselves.

I ask my kids all the time to tell me three awesome things they loved about their day. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard. But even something small like that can make a big difference in their own mindset, which can then influence others!

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Words Matter

Since our kids are on social media I remind them to always leave encouraging words. We know firsthand how tough social media can be. Even with all the amazing progress and love we feel, we still experience haters in the comments section. That can really affect our kids. I try to remind our kids that as they learn new terms like “suss” or “only in Ohio” that their digital footprint will follow them so now more than ever we need to encourage kindness. If you don’t agree with something, keep scrolling just like when we were told if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it.

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Small Steps Lead to Big Change

It really does start at home. We try to lead by example and encourage our kids to lead with kindness everywhere they go. Whether it’s at school, on the weekends, or with their siblings—a small gesture or kind comment can change someone’s day or even save someone’s life. Here’s to all the parents encouraging kindness, love, and appreciation. Our kids truly need it!

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