How to Decorate Your Kitchen Shelves For Christmas

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How to Decorate Your Kitchen Shelves For Christmas

’Tis the season to be decorating! It’s no secret that the holidays are my favorite time of the year. And while I love all the delicious foods and beautiful presents, I think I love decorating for the Christmas season even more! There’s nothing like transforming your home into a warm and welcoming escape for your family, friends and neighbors. If you’ve already decked your halls and trimmed your tree and are looking for a new space to add that Christmas touch, try decorating some of the shelving space in your kitchen! Shelving is one of those often overlooked areas of the home when it comes to Christmas decorating, but with just a few fun pieces and these quick and easy steps, you can transform your everyday shelves into a major focal point of your home.

Today, 98 percent of American Christmas trees are grown on farms. Most are from California, Oregon, Michigan, Washington, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

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Pick Your Theme

When deciding to style a shelf for the holidays, you want to think beyond the basic theme of Christmas. Are these shelves going to showcase a winter wonderland? Do you want it to feel traditional with splashes of red and green? Modern and metallic with all silver and gold? Remember that your shelves don’t need to match to the rest of your home decor, especially if your kitchen is in a different part of the house or you’re decorating shelves in a bedroom or bathroom. Find what will work best in the space to make your shelves pop.

St. Nicholas was a fourth-century Christian bishop. He gave away his abundant inheritance to help the needy and rescued women from servitude.

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christmas shelves home decoration

Gather All Your Materials

Personally, I love a more rustic aesthetic. And I’ve found I can bring the outdoors inside with dark, flat metals like iron and brass or with lots of natural elements like garlands and leaves.

On the top shelves, I used a fun frosted garland from Arhaus, light up Birch trees from Pottery Barn and sculpted reindeer to add a little nature to the scene. On the second shelf, I added galvanized Christmas trees from Pottery Barn, with a tiny tealight reindeer from Arhaus. Finishing it with a faux pinecone garland keeps the rustic theme running through from shelf to shelf. For my countertop, I used Arhaus’ Clara lanterns in an antique finish brass filled with deer tealight holders and the mercury glass mistletoe candle. Adding a bit of natural garland and worn pieces like Arhaus’ birch vase gives me the look I’m going for. I filled it with some lighted garland and greenery from Pottery Barn. Right in the middle, I added a picture of my family, to remind me of what’s important during the holidays!

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Use some trimmings from your tree or pinecones from outside. We haven’t bought our Christmas tree yet so I added a few faux branches from Pottery Barn and some rustic, faux leaves to fill the space.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 14,700 people visit hospital emergency rooms each November and December from holiday-related decorating accidents. Be careful when you’re stringing those lights!

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Layer Like a Pro

Once you’ve found what you want to go on the shelves, make sure that you’re layering everything—one piece at a time. Take the time to make sure that each accessory you chose is being seen, but that nothing looks too uniform. Start from the top and work your way down, focusing on one shelf at a time. Make sure that each shelf has pieces of varying height and texture for visual appeal. And feel free to change things around as you work. Play with the pieces on each shelf until you find what works and looks good to you!

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day last year, the U.S. Postal Service delivered an estimated 850 million packages, in addition to 15 billion pieces of mail. That’s a lot of Christmas presents!

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