Stockings are those things that can be truly modified to fit each person. You can go funny, you can go food, you can do beauty products—it’s really up to you to decide what route you want to take. I’ve rounded up 12 must-have ideas for stocking stuffers you can grab at the last minute.

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Ice Roller

My ice roller is now part of my nightly routine—I’ll use it while I’m watching TV or just relaxing in bed. This one is great because you can make the ice mold yourself and add cucumber for an extra refreshing experience.

Coffee Body Scrub

Smell amazing and make your skin amazing with this all-natural coffee body scrub. Made with quality coffee grounds, this scrub helps to exfoliate and smooth your skin.

Glass Tumbler

I love tall glass tumblers to keep track of my water intake or to hold my iced coffees and teas. It’s perfect for being on the go and staying hydrated.

Reset Candle

A good quality candle can completely change your mood. I love this coconut and soy wax Reset candle because it’s made with essential oils—find your perfect scent and slip into relaxation!

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Teddi Cozy Socks

Fuzzy socks are an essential part of the holiday season and an easy gift for stockings! These Teddi Cozy Socks from Uggs are insanely cozy and come in a few colors.

Scrunchie Ornament

Hang this scrunchie ornament on the tree Christmas Eve as a little teaser for what’s to come. It’s shaped like a Christmas tree and comes with a handful of scrunchies. Such a cute idea!

5-Piece Face Mask Set

This 5-piece face mask set is such a gem for the skincare lover in your family! It comes with five mini clay masks, each with their own benefits, for healthy, glowing skin. Or, if you have a few friends, split it into five stocking stuffers!

Tom Ford Fabulous Candle

How amazing is the name of this candle?! This lux Tom Ford Fabulous candle is a blend of all my favorite things—clary sage, lavender, vanilla, and almond. To die for.

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Dior Glow Oil Balm

I’ve become obsessed with lip oils! They’re a must, especially for the winter season. This Dior Glow Oil Balm comes pigmented or clear so you can add a touch of color to your lips while staying hydrated and soft.

Maybelline Colossal Mascara

A holy grail mascara for a reason! Maybelline Colossal Mascara gives those long full lashes with just a couple brushes. Everyone needs that no-fail mascara and this is it.

Hair Claws

Hair claws have made a comeback and they make for a really easy, functional, and cute stocking stuffer. This set comes with two in pretty patterns.

Satin Weighted Eye Mask

I’m really excited about this satin weighted eye mask because not only is it that ultra soft satin, but it’s weighted! Ideal for those who are prone to headaches or anyone who needs deeper relaxation.

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