How Dog-Friendly Is Your City?

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How Dog-Friendly Is Your City?

San Diego is known for many things, its perfect weather, year-round outdoor lifestyle and plenty of dog-friendly fun. We love dogs in our family and its such an amazing feeling knowing our city is all about bringing Fido along!

Californians own the most dogs of any state in the US with nearly 40 percent of Californian households owning at least one dog.

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Take Your Puppies to the Beaches

San Diego doesn’t have just one dog beach—it has eight to choose from! The dogs love it and live quite a life having so many places they can socialize and get wet. Many of the dog-friendly beaches are off leash 24/7. Here are a few San Diego beaches where your dog can check out the surf:

  • North Beach Dog Run ~ This one is in Coronado.  This one would be my favorite because I love the North East feel of Coronado.  It’s quite an amazing military town.
  • Dog Beach ~  This one is Ocean Beach and is very laid back. It’s San Diego original Dog Beach.
  • Fiesta Island ~ Located in Mission Bay, this island is surrounded by water and sand dunes. Dogs and their owners really can pack their exercise in here and a perk is getting wet too.
  • Buccaneer Beach Park ~ Situated in Oceanside this place also has amazing breakfast burritos.
  • Del Mar Dog Beach ~ This one has epic views of the racetrack, the train and the ocean.
  • Cardiff State Beach ~ This one is also gorgeous, but it is not off leash.
  • Imperial Beach ~ This one is past Coronado and also requires a leash.
  • La Jolla Shores Beach ~ You are allowed to bring your dogs here on leash from 6 p.m. – 9 a.m. every day.

Your dog is as smart as a two-year-old! They can understand roughly 250 words and gestures.

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Doggie Dining

If you don’t want to get Fido wet, there are over 20 dog parks to choose from. There are also hundreds of local dining spots that allow your leashed pup to hang out by your feet while you eat. If the restaurant has outdoor seating, most likely it is dog-friendly. Taking your dog to a restaurant lets him/her practice good behavior and meet new people!

I found these great tips for dining with Fido in San Diego Pets Magazine:


  • Call ahead to make sure dogs are welcome
  • Teach him a settle cue or stay
  • Bring treats and a water bowl
  • Bring a blanket for him to lay on
  • Keep your dog on a short leash


  • Bring a squeaky toy to disturb other diners
  • Tie your dog to the table
  • Let your dog sit on a chair
  • Bring a really hungry dog
  • Take your dog to any public place unless he is fully vaccinated

There are roughly 75.8 million pet dogs in the US. The highest pet dog population in the world!

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When our family moved back to San Diego, I didn’t realize we would be unleashing such a healthy lifestyle! From our daily hiking with so many canyons to choose from to the city’s proud dog-friendly attitude, there truly is an adventure on just about every corner. Plus, thanks to San Diego being so beyond pet-friendly, our days with Shelby and Mable keep getting better and better!

Dogs have twice as many muscles for moving their ears as people! With them, they can display over 100 different facial expressions! Their ears can also hear sounds at four times the distance that humans can.

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