Our passions are a true reflection of who we are. What fuels us, what drives us to work harder, and what makes us unique and happy. All of these are expressed through the varied passions we pursue in life. For Brody, it’s no question that that’s dance. Seeing him step on stage and watch as he completely transforms and embodies the movement, it’s really special to see. But even more impactful is seeing how he continues to push himself with dance and really blossom into a professional dancer.

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Attitude Is Everything

It doesn’t matter how gifted you may be; outlook and attitude are everything—especially in an industry like dance. Brody has so much fun while he dances, and it shows. I think the key to longevity with your passions is being in that right mindset, and for Brody, there’s just an eagerness to do his best, learn more, and simply have fun. If you’re not having fun, what’s the point?

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Practice Makes Passion

There’s not a day that goes by that Brody isn’t dancing in some form or another. But as he’s continued to progress, I’ve been so impressed by how dedicated he is to his craft and putting in the time to continue to get better. If there’s something he wants or a new move he’s trying to nail, he puts in the time to achieve it. Whether it’s with his dance instructors or practicing on his own in our home dance studio, he’s there, dedicated, driven, and eager to expand his horizons.

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Supported By His Family

As much as I love watching Brody dance, I love watching our family support him just as much. Dylan has really been his guiding light. She was the first to inspire him to dance and, these days, cheers him on as he takes the stage. I love that they share this passion together. It’s encouraged them to develop this bond that’s shared just between the two of them. I know that no matter what happens, our kids will always support each other. Knowing Brody has that built-in support system assures me that no matter what path dance leads him on, he’ll never dance down it alone.

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