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DIY Valentines Day Twig Arrows

arrow twigs

When I found out Michaels was opening right next door to where I live, I knew I would have the chance to embrace my inner Martha Stewart.  I used to design lamps, so being crafty and creative is part of who I am.  There was a time in my life when having a big family was just a dream.   Now that I am living that dream with four little people who depend on me, I can show them my creative mom side.

This past week, when the kids got home from school I told them we were about to go on a cupid mission.  It was up to us to locate the best sticks and twigs our neighborhood had to offer. ” Why?” they asked.  Because we were going to turn the twigs into cupid arrows!  They were elated!

What You Need


  1.  Go on a hunt with your kids.  I took all four of them and they were so excited to be part of the search.  We compared sticks and twigs and kept the best for our project.  We brought our big red wagon that we have had for ten years so we could throw the sticks into one big pile.pretty girl girl pulling wagon roman walker boy playing in woods sibling playing boy riding scooter

2.  Go to your local craft store and have the kids help find everything you need.  I let them pick out the colors of the felt for their arrows.  You could wrap your twigs in colored twine to give it a more decorative look.  Another fun thing you could do with the kids is add shapes on the twigs with markers or paint.  Whatever you do, make sure you have fun adding your own personal flare to the arrows. We liked how white dots looked on the sticks and my daughter Dylan had to have the gold tip feathers. jackson schaffer
dylan lucia dylan lucia
3. Once your home, clear out a space for this family craft.  I let the kids start with their favorite three sticks and I cut the triangular shape arrow heads for them.  The felt is a little tough, so I used a hair cutting scissor, which easily got through the thickness of the felt.  If you have a fabric heavy duty scissor then that will work too.  I also cut the back feathers in the shape needed for them.  I put a few pieces of felt together and cut the shape needed, while my children glued the felt onto the twig.crafts string notecards feathers diy
kid making crafts boy making crafts crafts diy crafts crafts boy making crafts
4. Have the kids choose their favorite note card from Erin Condren and punch a hole in the top corner to tie with the twig with twine. We wrapped the twine in over 5 inches in length for design purposes. We also used personalized stickers on their note cards, which my kids loved.  The kids loved add elements from my Erin Condren Box of tricks.  stationary note cardsdiy craft twig arrows

What Worked: Giving each kid a job. They love having responsibility for something and rewarding them with a simple, “that looks great.” goes a long way.

What could have been improved: Letting each kid pick the way they want to decorate the branch instead of me saying white dots. Next time I will let them choose.

We decided to give thee arrows to their teachers, the librarian, school secretary, and each child is giving one to a neighbor. We are continuing to instill acts of kindness throughout the year in our home. I would love to hear from you. Let me know what you would add to these arrows to make them even more fun.


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