What Would Laird Do? (Part 2)

For the month of August, my husband has been unlocking the key to our health and fitness with the guidance...

Joyous Noise

During the summer months, when you live in such an ultimate destination spot, like San Diego, you can be assured...

What Would Laird Do?

Every few months or so, my husband and I engage in a new health fad. However, this time its more...

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I’m blessed to live in Southern California, where the weather is always wonderful and there’s always amazing things to do. Join me as I share the San Diego lifestyle though fun places to shop, my favorite salons to visit, and my home and beauty routines! From shopping therapy to date nights with Bobby and me, it’s so important to focus on yourself too, mom!

I love dabbling in fun Pinterest projects or sharing my favorite workout routines—whether I have the day to myself or just 15 minutes before getting the kids to lacrosse practice. It’s all about eating better, working better, feeling better…and maybe indulging now and again with a new bag and some ice cream by the beach.


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