Skipping Into Summer

We are running (ok skipping) into the summer months and I am already planning what fun camps my little ones...

My Little Ivivva Girl

I remember being really nervous when I found out Dylan was going to be a girl. Jackson was only six...

Much like any industry, kid modeling has its many pros and cons to it. I personally believe that the pros severely outweigh the cons here, with exciting experiences around every corner.

The positive experiences of child modeling have helped shape my kids in terms of their confidence, work ethic, and kindness.

There are two main types of kid modeling: print and commercial. Print models typically participate in photo shoots for magazines, clothing catalogs, and other print publications. Commercial models may appear in TV commercials, music videos, and more. It is important to be prepared for both.

My children have a lot of experience in the modeling industry and I have a wealth of knowledge to share including how to create the best child modeling portfolio and where to find the best auditions for your child.