In case you missed it, I am thick into the early high school years with my older two. What happened to my two cute little toddlers that used to lovingly call me mama?! Now, my teens have given me new names—”bruh,” “dude,” and “bro.” You name it, they’ve called me it! And you better believe if they do it again, the soap is coming out!

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High Schooler Woes

All jokes aside, if you’re experiencing name changes from your child, please know that you are not alone! This is a worldwide epidemic that’s been going on for decades. Although, between you and me, it sure didn’t start with our generation! Imagine talking like that to our parents?! I’ve been caught wondering—did they really say that? More times than I can count! But I try to remember, it’s just a bigger part of my kids evolving, growing, and changing as they get older.

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One Family, Many Personalities

This April I will be married to my hot Navy dentist for 20 years. That means something in today’s world! We managed to create four amazing humans but boy, we are in the thick of it with them going in four directions. We have learned that every day there is some sort of conflict that we all have to truck through. We’re constantly evolving how we communicate, how we show up for each other, and how we can still bond while everyone’s in such different stages of life. It’s a challenge for sure.

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Embracing the Crazy

But if anything I’ve learned from parenting, it’s to lean into the chaos—including a change in the language. Control what you can, but understand when to let go. I am a NY-born-and-bred Italian girl with a heavy accent who constantly has to tell my family that I am not screaming, it’s just the way I talk.

Even residing in sunny San Diego, I can’t seem to simmer down my gritty self. And you know what? I wouldn’t change it for the world and, more importantly, I want the same for my kids! So if my teens call me “bruh” instead of “mom” for the next year? I guess I’ll just lean in!

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