Valentines For The Classroom


Now that I have two kids in school, it is essential I provide Valentines for each of my children’s classrooms.  Yes, I can easily get a store bought item like a pencil, but I try to embrace my inner “Martha” during these holidays.  I want the kids to remember these sweet Valentines they gave to their friends.  There are quite a few things you could do, but when I found this one on the blog, Love The Day, I just gushed over it.  Lindi Haws has quite the selection of Valentines and you should definitely check them out.

I chose “Valentine You Rock” because it can be paired with so many things: Rock candy, Pop Rocks, or even just a painted rock.  There are so many possibilities.

You can download and print the “free” LOVE THE DAY Valentines tag right here.  So easy!


  • All you have to do is buy a box of rock candy on a stick & clear party bags.
  • Cut the tags out & hole-punch them on each corner.
  • Have your child sign the back.
  • Tie it with any ribbon or ties you have happen to have.
  • And enjoy your little accomplishment with your little ones.

This will surely be a hit in the classrooms!  Enjoy!









Have you found any cute Valentines to do for your little ones classroom?  I would love to hear from you.



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  1. AHAHAHAHHHAAA you are THAT mom…I love and hate it…I just do store bought card. 1. that’s all my brain can handle 2. its also Mia’s bday…3. I usually don’t realize its Valentines day until a few days before..yep.

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