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It’s never fun as a mom hearing that your child isn’t feeling well, or dealing with an upset stomach. You wish could could snap your fingers and make the pain go away. After four kids you would think I would be an expert with tummy troubles and things such as potty training, but the truth is every child is different. Jackson was potty trained on his second birthday and Brody, well he might still be wearing diapers by the time high school rolls around. Each child is different and its important to adapt to their individual needs.

Potty training and tummy troubles come together when it’s time to throw away the diapers and have them start learning that the toilet is where the poop and pee is supposed to go. It can be scary at first and accidents are to be expected, along side the possibility of constipation which is where the tummy troubles can start.

My little girl would have much rather held it in forever along side the simultaneous grunting than to just take that next step. That, however didn’t work in her favor and she started associating pooping with being in pain. The next step in our case was taking her to the pediatrician where we learned she was extremely constipated.boy potty trainingship lap living room

Thankfully after a proper dose of OTC medicine we were able to ease her pain and have her back to normal in no time.  If you have a child who you believe is constipated, don’t worry, you are not alone! According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH),constipation is the cause for around 3-5% of visits to the pediatrician each year. To read more and for some quick tips on this issue click here!

It doesn’t end there though! Constipation won’t always be the issue causing their little tummy’s to twirl. The stomach flu, which comes around most often in the winter months ahead, could be the cause of their aches and pains. According to NBC News, “it makes 21 million people sick every year in the United States.” And living in a household of 6, when one gets sick it becomes a chain reaction.

We try our best, especially in the colder months to take as many preventive measures as we possibly can but sick happens. will be able to guide you in following as well as paying close attention to proper dosages for OTC medicines. Kitchen spoons are never the answer and taking more medicine then directed could lead to an overdose. OTC medicines need to be administered with precise care. Always read your labels and refer to your health care provider if you have any further questions.boy eating popsicle boy sharing popsiclegirl running wonder woman cape family throwing leaves
I am hoping for smooth sailing this winter for the Schaffer Family, but you can never plan for what is ahead. Thankfully if we are faced with any interruptions, I’ll have to really back me up on this one. I feel confident knowing that I can safely find a relief for my kid’s tumbling tummies. It’s always nice to have that extra helping hand as parents especially in the busier Holiday season. I would also love to know some tips and tricks you have to help ease the aches! Comment below; let’s connect!


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