Sometimes in spring, the weather can change so quickly that it leaves my closet with whiplash. It’s cold in the evenings, hot in the afternoon, chilly in the mornings, and perfectly sunny on the weekends. It’s the season of layers. But I love taking advantage of those warm, summer-is-almost-here afternoons. Those afternoons where I can just slide on a maxi dress and a pair of sunglasses and I’m ready to go. I feel dressed up even if we’re just taking the kids out to the park, beach, or for a walk in the sun.

One of my favorite looks right now is a tiered maxi Ulla Johnson dress with black sunglasses and white mules. (And if you’re looking for new dresses for spring, she has some of my faves.) This dress feels almost muted in a cream color with rose and sage tones, but it’s just so pretty and easy to wear. Plus the cotton-and-silk organza keeps you feeling cool even as we head into summer. Try a floral sundress with some slip ons—it’s literally the easiest and prettiest outfit I’ve worn all season.

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” – Marc Jacobs

fashionable woman

Dress | Sunglasses | Bracelets | Mules

Danielle’s Fashion Favorites

woman in maxi dress
Dress | Sunglasses | Bracelets | Mules

woman showing off style

Dress | Sunglasses | Bracelets | Mules

woman in big dress

Dress | Sunglasses | Bracelets | Mules


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