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I’d love to tell you that we’re a family of avid readers. That each night after dinner we all settle into our living room with our respective books and read quietly for an hour. The reality is a little different—we’re loud, we can’t stop talking, we listen to music and we dance. But all that being said, at the end of the day, we love a good story. It can be through music. It can be through a show. And yes, it can even be through a book. Whatever the medium, when the story is good, we’re all hooked.

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Getting Your Kids Reading

That’s the case right now with my son Jackson. He kicked off his summer reading with one of his favorite authors—Rick Riordan. Riordan is the author behind the young adult series “Percy Jackson & the Olympians,” which multiple of my kids loved over the years. These books are so mesmerizing and magical, even Bobby and I got hooked!

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Rick Riordan Recommends

Since then, Riordan has gone on to create Rick Riordan Presents, a small publishing branch underneath Disney-Hyperion Publishing that churns out books with the same kind of essence of the “Percy Jackson” books. Riordan has a gift for blending Greek mythology with modern-day characters, situations, and thought processes. It’s fun, engaging, and educational for my teens (OMG, when did that happen?!).

Through this new publishing venture, we’ve been able to find more books in that same realm to fall in love with. Seriously, haven’t you finished a great book and wished there was some way to find more books just like it?! This is it. So without further hype, here are a few of the books on Jackson’s summer reading list—all from Rick Riordan Presents and all will 100 percent hook your young readers.

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Must-Read Stories

“The Storm Runner” series by J.C. Cervantes
This trilogy by Cervantes focuses on Mayan and Mexican mythology. Thirteen-year-old Zane Obispo spends his days exploring the grounds of the dormant volcano in his backyard, what he names “The Beast.” When a beautiful stranger tells him about the truth behind “The Beast,” Obispo is sent on an incredible journey where magic, monsters, and gods are real.

“Race to the Sun” by Rebecca Roanhorse
This thrilling adventure story follows the life of Navajo girl Nizhoni Begay. Nizhoni has always been able to detect the monsters around her thanks to a searing intuition. When she gets a bad feeling about her dad’s new boss, and then her dad suddenly disappears the following day, Nizhoni is launched into a desperate rescue mission to find her father and discover her inner monster slayer.

“Pandava” series by Roshani Chokshi
Based on Hindu mythology, Chokshi’s “Pandava” series follows 12-year-old Aru Shah, who has grown up fabricating stories about her life after spending her school breaks at the Museum of Ancient Indian Art and Culture. When she lights the cursed Lamp of Bharata to get herself out of a lie, she frees the lamp’s ancient demon, who freezes her friends and loved ones in time. Now it’s up to Aru alone to save them.

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