I’m a lot of things. A daughter. A wife. A sister. A friend. A go-getter. An entrepreneur. The list goes on. But what I’m the proudest to be is something a lot more special—a mom. I know Mother’s Day is supposed to be about our kids giving us some love (and we deserve it, mommas!). But I can’t help but reflect on the sincere joy I feel being a mother and just how grateful I am that I have these four incredible, unique, hilarious children calling me mom.

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We Shape Each Other

As much as I’ve shaped them (literally), they have shaped me. I am not the same Danielle I was before my kids, and I am SO grateful for that! For as much as we moms go through—labor, late nights, teen moodiness, the list goes on—there is so much reward and self-growth in raising humans and seeing them grow into their own people. Their wins are my wins; their passions are my passions.

I love sharing with them the things that I love, the places I’ve been, and the people that are important to me—that’s what taught them to find their own interests! All of these experiences go hand-in-hand. By living my life fully, I encourage them to do the same.

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Seeing the World Through Their Eyes

Having kids is like getting a fresh take on life. No, I don’t mean living vicariously through your children. But I do mean getting down on their level and reminding yourself to appreciate the little things in life. The things we’ve been desensitized to they’re just experiencing for the first time.

Seeing things through their eyes is my greatest joy of being a mother. It’s such a wonderful reminder to stop and smell the roses, to dance when your favorite song comes on, and heck yes, we have time for an ice cream stop.

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Learning to Laugh Through Life

My kids have taught me to embrace our inner children and to go with the flow. Plans are great, but plans change all of the time. My kids are the greatest reminders to throw caution to the wind and to embrace the unexpected! They’ve taught me so much about living a full and fulfilled life. It starts with managing expectations, embracing change, and laughing through it all.

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It Takes a Village

But it takes a village to run a village. And listen, some days it’s crazy. There are days when my oldest has an acting gig, Dylan and Brody have dance competitions, and Roman has a game…and where am I supposed to be? Everywhere. (If anyone has any cloning tips, please send them my way.)

But on those days, I always feel so grateful to have created such a strong support system for my family. Whether it’s family, friends, or neighbors, we’ve found people who love and support us when we need it. Without them, we couldn’t make it happen. I am so happy to have carved out this magical little space for our family, our friends, and our loved ones. It’s part of the joy I feel being a mother to these four little miracles. 

It’s a good life. I’m forever grateful. From one mom to another, Happy Mother’s Day.

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