My kids are happy—that’s what I am celebrating today! I’m the proud mama of four beautiful, amazing, talented little individuals. Bobby and I have always taught our children to support, respect and love one another, and embrace each other’s individuality. And while there are arguments about who gets to pick the film during movie night or who got more ice cream, they are always there for each other. Whether they’re dancing, playing, studying or just hanging out, my kids are happy just being themselves.

So, why should we have to explain if our daughter wears her brothers’ clothes or our son prefers his sister’s costumes? Who is to say what gender wears what fabric? Why would it matter if our kids are truly happy exploring the world around them? And yes exploring all the toys and all the clothes too. 

Happiness can help boost our immune systems. Research shows people who have more positive emotions are less likely to develop the common cold.

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My Kids Teach Me So Much

I think people pause and are in shock because for many decades now stores have been divided by the boy section and the girl section! Trust me, we are still in shock from the time we stopped at a popular store to grab a few dance items for Brody and there were none.

Brody heard me say there are no boy dance clothes and he said, “Yes mama, right there… the pink ruffle leotard is the one I want.” I said ok and sure enough, he showed up to dance class so happy and proud. He shows me the way.

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According to researchers from the University of Minnesota, a portion of happiness is inherited. The researchers performed a study on pairs of identical twins, and found that at any given time about half of their happiness was correlated to genetics.

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Let Your Kids Be Themselves

And what about toys? There is the blue aisle and then there is the pink aisle! You know I am right. I truly haven’t seen much gender-neutral anything! 

I have faith that things will change and mark my words we will be first in line breaking through some rigid gender barriers for these kids to be free…. free from what society thinks is right for them. For children to be able to embrace their individuality and just be happy! Here’s to that one day where stores blend instead of divide. In the meantime, the kids are happily living their best authentic life, together.

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Being outdoors makes people happier. The ideal spot for happiness is an outdoor spot near the water when the weather is warm.

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1 thought on “Raising Your Children to Embrace Their Individuality”

  1. Incredible view. I have been letting my daughter be whom ever she’d like . You see she was born with #upsyndrome. For those who want to label downsyndrome. However she like your son is pushing boundaries . I m proud of her and I am proud of your son and family for creating an inclusive environment to grow into incredible human beings thank you


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