The Voices Behind The Golden Globes

The Voices Behind The Golden Globes

Shawn Parr, award-winning host and ambassador to country music has been the voice of the Golden Globes for 25 years. Rebecca Riedy, actress  and announcer from the American Music Awards, also known for her comedic bits on Jimmy Kimmel join us in studio with Shawn. We uncover what really goes on behind the scenes of the Golden Globes and what it’s like to be the actual announcers for one our nations most prestigious awards ceremony. From the best show highlights to inspiring moments, and also things that can go wrong, you don’t want to miss this star-filled special.

Golden Globes 2019

One of the most popular award ceremonies that recognizes excellence in both TV and Film, both domes and foreign, are the Golden Globe Awards. It all started in 1944 and consists of 93 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which is the organization behind the Globes. The annual ceremony at which the awards are presented is a major part of the industries award season; which culminates each year in the Academy Awards. The 76th Golden Globe Awards were held this year on January 6th 2019.

Shawn Parr, award winning host and ambassador to country music, has been the voice of the Golden Globes for 25 years. Rebecca Riedy, actress and announcer of the AMA’s, announced her first Golden Globes show this year, and today they both join us in studio to discuss what really goes down behind the scenes. We want to know what it is like to be announcers for one of the nations most prestigious awards ceremonies!

Big Bear or Big Job

Let’s talk Globes! Rebecca received the call to do the show on Friday, January 4th with the show being that upcoming Sunday! She happened to be in big bear on a ski trip and said “thank God we took two cars!” She left Big Bear immediately and had to show up on the same day in LA to record voice over packages, which are played usually before they show a movie clip, and these segments have to be pre recorded so the actual package can be time out perfectly.

Now at this point she had to make a choice… head to Nordstrom for a mini haul and prep to stay in LA for the next couple of days, or head back to San Diego, and be dressed and ready to go by 6:30 the next morning. Option B worked in her favor as her black dress from a past show sat in her closet having been unlaundered up until about a week prior. It was almost as if it was the universe giving her a sign this show was in her future when she cleaned up the dress unknowingly! Listen in for the rest of her wild ride on route to show day!!

Perfect Panning

 A very important detail Rebecca talks to us about when it comes to the Globes, or really any awards show, is Camera panning; a task you need talent to direct to say the least! The practice before the show with stand ins, who’s job is to give a speech like the person they’re standing in for and reference people the person may reference when it comes time for the real deal… and when that time comes, well it may be as hectic of a moment as when Cuba Gooding Jr. won his award for Jerry McGuire. Rebecca references a YouTube video where you can literally hear the director dictating the camera men and the momentum of his voice building and building as the camera pans become as fast as possible to each person… You can’t miss those moments!

Welcome Shawn Parr

Our other talented announcer, Shawn Parr joins us via phone in the studio! He has been doing the Golden Globes for 25 years now and still has to pinch himself every year. He mentions to us that when it comes to announcing an awards show, everything has to be perfect.. and when you’re talking, you hear the director screaming camera shots into your ear but that same moment you have to keep an ear out for your queues and still sound friendly, happy and energetic.

He shares a story about a moment that is slightly traumatizing that he will never forget. He never eats before an awards show or work when he is the host for something anymore. Why? Because about 15 years ago when he announced the Golden Globes, prior to the show he sat down with Dick Clark and everyone else for lunch.. He chose the tuna salad, and was the only one to do so… anyways the show is about 5 mins before go time and he started to break out into a deep sweat. He mentions how he was upstairs in a closet turned studio and no one was sent to check on him this year. He begins to get vertigo and becomes extremely dizzy… and what comes next!? Well you’ll have to tune in for that, alongside some funny stories you’ll want to hear!

Hosting With a Purpose

 After the Golden Globes hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg delivered a safe opening that went out of their way to praise the work of Hollywood, Oh struck a chord about representation in the film and industry itself and its gains in diversity on screen and off. She was the first Asian woman to his a major American awards show. It was an unbelievable moment for her and other aspiring asian actresses.  When Oh told the crown she signed on for the show because she wanted to witness a moment of change, she also acknowledged the progress asian actresses have had. She does not disregard that we have yes, made improvements but it could also revert right back so it’s all about living in the moment and appreciating the current stepping stones.

Speaking of firsts, Rebecca talks to us about the stigma of live announcers being dominantly male for sporting events as well as other shows including the award shows. Rebecca has noticed a rice in the industry when it comes to woman doing the voice over work more and it becoming more prominent as time goes on. She was the first woman announcer to do the AMA’s and the Golden Globes! How incredible is that!

To hear more details about the show and it’s ins and outs, grab a snack and hit that play button because you’re in for a treat! Down below you can find Rebecca and Shawn’s social media. Also drop a comment and tell us what your favorite moment was this year during the show! We can’t wait to connect! And remember “You could do without the host but never without the live announcers!” 😉

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