Preparing Your Teen For the Work World

Preparing Your Teen For the Work World

Rebecca Riedy and Jenn Morris join me in studio to discuss how to prep your kids for their first job. Jenn Morris is a successful television host, radio host, and voice-over artist. Jenn has become a station host with NBC San Diego. In addition to being behind the mic and in front of the camera, Jenn recently co-founded the podcast production company, Podcast Duo. She also can be heard on iTunes and Audible as the voice of various New York Times bestselling audiobooks. Rebecca Riedy is no stranger to “The Mom Confidential” and besides acting she is an announcer for the American Music Awards, Golden Globes and is also known for her comedic bits on Jimmy Kimmel. Together, we uncover the most helpful tips from learning how to be on time to expanding your skill set with each challenge your child’s job tosses their way. Sure, the first step can be scary! What if your kid is lazy? What if the job isn’t a fit? Do you make your kids fulfill what they committed to? What if they don’t have a strong work ethic? The questions are endless, but we tackle it all. We’re breaking down how to prepare your kid for their first job, and sharing some personal horror stories along the way! A heart-felt podcast you won’t want to miss!

Where’s the Work Ethic?

Rebecca, Jenn and I are talking about the late birds, slackers and barely-motivated teens of today. What’s the deal? Is it the way they were raised? Is the Millennial or Gen-X generation to blame? In just under an hour, the women are identifying what contributes to a poor work ethic and how to prepare your teen for their first job—initiative, responsibility and all.

The Time Has Come

Your teen is at the age where he or she is ready to work, but has your job of properly preparing them been done? Your kids are going to learn what it’s like to have responsibility but as parents, there’s work to be done on how to teach them to be ready for their first gig. Whether it’s through chores or communicating expectations, there are ways to start building your child’s work ethic.

It’s All About Skills

Don’t feel bad about cutting the cash flow to your kid’s bank account. The payoff of them learning how to put gas into their own car, the value of the dollar and most importantly, how to be punctual, is worth more than any amount you can Venmo them. Teaching them how to have a good attitude, the willingness to learn and having a welcoming personality are ways to set them up for success in their first job. Raising them to go above and beyond will change the first job experience for your teen and you.

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