KAABOO – Inspired to Rise to the Top

KAABOO – Inspired to Rise to the Top

Say hello to the ultimate parent escape right here in our own backyard—KAABOO is back! This week we’re talking with Chief Brand Officer Jason Felts to hear how life brought him to grow the brand and vision of this three-day wonderland. KAABOO is an arts experience filled with an incredible lineup of music, art, dining, drinks and—my favorite—upgrades and VIP perks! Created by music enthusiasts for music enthusiasts and inspired by Colorado’s beloved Red Rocks Amphitheatre, KAABOO came about as an ultimate retreat for a more discerning crowd of adults with a passion for music and the arts in general. Now throw in San Diego’s dynamic cuisine and unbeatable views, and you’ve got the nation’s very best music and arts experience. Jason’s story about finding the inspiration within to rise the top is something we can all relate to—you won’t want to miss it!

Woohoo, it’s KAABOO

Music enthusiasts, art lovers, foodies—no matter who you are or what makes you unwind after a long day, KAABOO offers it all during three magical days in Del Mar. And let’s be real, as moms, we need at least three days of letting loose and rocking out to great music to restore us back to our normal happy balance. Happening this September 13-15, this year’s KAABOO features acts including Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews Band, Mumford & Sons, Duran Duran…the list goes on and that’s only the musical performances! This beloved festival stands in a crowd all its own because it’s not just another music festival, but an experience that integrates you into all aspects of the arts and seals the deal with amazing food and drink selections. We’re sold!

Building Your Dream Life

Jason recounts his story from childhood in small town Texas to KAABOO’s successful chief brand officer.  No matter where life took him—and it took him all over—he remained motivated by his ‘what if’ questions to go on to bigger and better things. His biggest lesson? Learning the power of the cold call! When he missed the guest lecture from Hollywood legend David Mirisch, Jason put his tenacity to the test to find a way to meet him. We won’t spoil it for you, but the end of this amazing story shows the power in taking your dreams into your own hands. That same power came in handy years down the road when he cold-called the founder of KAABOO and landed his dream job.

Upping the Ante

Jason shares with us why KAABOO stands out among the crowd as its very own unique experience—hint: It has a lot to do with than music! By appealing to all of your senses, KAABOO takes its guests to a whole new realm. The brand officer also talks to us about how they curate one of the best lineups in the festival industry and how it only gets better each year. How they do it? As a little insight, they’ve already confirmed their lineup for KAABOO 2020.

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