Obstacles in Life and in Parenting

Obstacles in Life and in Parenting

As parents we’ve all had those moments where we close our eyes, and ask ourselves, “How do I deal with this?” Although there are thousands of books on parenting, to each of us the situations we face in life are unique. It would seem that there may not actually be a book for “everything.” Often times as parents, we go from nurturing and nesting our precious newborns to being catapulted into teen years and everything in between. Today on the podcast, Melissa and I (along with our special guest Juliet Mitchell!) cover everything—seriously, everything!! How honest to be with our children when a parent has an illness, raising responsible children with chores, navigating through divorce and how to remain a team when the parents have conflicting parenting styles. I told you we covered it all. Listen in on an inspirational show you won’t want to miss!

When a Parent Has an Illness

Juliet and Melissa both share their personal stories of navigating through the challenges of being honest with your kids when a parent has an illness or when one suffers an injury. For Juliet, cancer came out of the blue on the ends of a painful divorce. She shares how she and her husband worked past their hurt to remain a strong team for their daughter, and how she knew it was time to tell her daughter about her cancer. Now cancer-free, she also gets into the details of co-parenting while divorced.

Raising Responsible Children

All three of us talk about our perspectives on raising responsible children and when we felt it was time for them to start doing chores. Every parent is different, but we all agree that at some point, the kids need to earn their keep! Whether it’s a weekly chore, packing their own lunches, or limited time with technology, we talk about the short-term and long-term advantages that come with giving your kids more responsibility.

Balancing Parenting Styles

How much time do you have?! We could’ve talked all day about navigating through conflicting parenting styles. In my household, I’m the disciplinary (hello, Italian blood!) and Bobby’s the more lax one. Every parent is different, which can lead to some conflict down the road. The girls and I talk picking sides, what to do when your kid tries to play you, getting rid of the “bad guy” role and always remaining a team unit—no matter what!

About Our Special Guest Juliet Mitchell

Juliet is one amazing woman, wonderful mom and entrepreneur behind the widely popular “Pure Girl in a Toxic World.” Juliet has appeared on Fox, ABC, NBC, and has been a guest house on many radio shows. She is a speaker, educator and has been featured in several magazines and print publications. Her notable achievements include the Woman of 2018 Who Are Influential, the Women’s Rock Award for her contributions to cancer awareness, and a nomination for the 2018 Woman of the Year by San Diego Magazine. Juliet also volunteers her time at the Cancer of an Ecology Pediatrics hospital in Mexico. Juliet is a cancer survivor, and overcame her cancer through tireless research of pure and organic living, in conjunction with her chemotherapy and treatments, all while she was going through a divorce and raising her daughter. She is the best-selling author of “Cancer? We’ve Got This! and has a degree in child development.

About the Guest Co-Host

Melissa Cizauskas is a force of nature. She rocks the San Diego area as a dynamic and successful businessperson, a leader of woman entrepreneurs, and a tireless communicator and coach. Melissa has been featured in several publications, television programs, and has hosted her own radio program. Melissa has received multiple owners from her real estate profession to entrepreneur of the year in San Diego from women’s council of realtors, just sales person of the year for North American title in Silicon Valley…Melissa’s motto is “Status quo no Bueno!” She has been married 20 years and has a 17-year-old daughter with her husband they currently reside in San Diego, and as she states ‘she aspires to inspire before she expires’! You can expect to see a lot more from Melissa, as she recently launched her dream to start a nonprofit, called “Hearts in Hand.” She is building a nursing home and convalescent care facility,  providing loving and attentive care, and alternatives for those who cannot afford to care for themselves. She also runs The Bay Club Women’s Network.


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