A Netflix Original “Family Reunion”

A Netflix Original “Family Reunion”

In studio today we had the pleasure of chatting with Anthony Alabi, who is starring in the upcoming Netflix hit “Family Reunion,” premiering this summer. The multi-generational, multi-camera comedy series is penned entirely by black writers and follows the African American McKellan family who travels from their home in the big city to attend their family reunion in small town of Columbus, Georgia. Anthony Alabi plays father Moz, and chatted with us about the amazing cast, how he reacted when he learned he got the part (hint: lots of tears), and the highs and lows of acting. The multi-talented actor and former NFL lineman also got real with us about switching careers and what to do when your true passion starts calling. Alabi’s advice? Follow it and give it all you’ve got! You won’t want to miss out on this!

Life Is Short, Do What You Love

Alabi had an impressive career in football, but when he started to realize his sincere passion for acting, he knew it was time for a switch. Alabi shares some amazing wisdom with us about following a career not just for money, but for love. You have to go after the things that fuel you, he says, knowing that when you do what you love, the money will follow. A lot of his success in acting has stemmed from Alabi’s dedication to learning and studying every part of the process he could. If you’re willing to start from the bottom and keep falling forward, it will pay off. A lot of people love being an actor instead of loving to act, he says. For him? He wakes up every day exciting and grateful that he gets to act. It’s truly what fuels him!

Always Remember You’re Dope

Alabi keeps this sentiment close to him at all times, a message of inspiration from his wife. Alabi says it applies to everyone who’s hustling and working hard trying to make things happen for themselves, their family and their career. Alabi talked to us about how you have to be the one to know you’re good. Throughout all the setbacks and criticism, especially in a career like acting, knowing that he was talented and a good person inside helped him keep moving forward.

About Our Special Guest Anthony Alabi

Anthony Alabi is a multi-talented actor and former NFL Lineman for the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs. When another passion called his name, Alabi left the NFL to pursue acting, writing and performing, in every medium he could. After moving to Los Angeles in 2010, Alabi landed awesome opportunities on Amazon’s “Bosch,” CBS’s “NCIS,” “Insecure” on HBO, ABC’s “Modern Family,” and Fox’s “The Mick,” among many others. Alabi is known for his unique expertise in comedic timing and impactful vulnerability in dramas, as well. Now, Alabi is a series regular on Netflix’s all-new show “Family Reunion,” which premieres this summer and also stars Tia Mowry and Loretta Devine.

About the Guest Co-Host

Melissa Cizauskas is a force of nature. She rocks the San Diego area as a dynamic and successful businessperson, a leader of woman entrepreneurs, and a tireless communicator and coach. Melissa has been featured in several publications, television programs, and has hosted her own radio program. Melissa has received multiple owners from her real estate profession to entrepreneur of the year in San Diego from women’s council of realtors, just sales person of the year for North American title in Silicon Valley…Melissa’s motto is “Status quo no Bueno!” She has been married 20 years and has a 17-year-old daughter with her husband they currently reside in San Diego, and as she states ‘she aspires to inspire before she expires’! You can expect to see a lot more from Melissa, as she recently launched her dream to start a nonprofit, called “Hearts in Hand.” She is building a nursing home and convalescent care facility,  providing loving and attentive care, and alternatives for those who cannot afford to care for themselves. She also runs The Bay Club Women’s Network.


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