It’s no secret that here at the Schaffer household we’re fans of all things “Frozen.” We’re a Disney family and my little Boss Baby Brody has a passion for the “Frozen” movies that just won’t stop. From dancing his butt off to the songs to dressing up as his favorite snow queen, he’s obsessed. Which is why I was so excited when we were invited to help co-host Disney’s Frozen Fan Fest Virtual Playdate! On October 18, join fans around the globe, and celeb host Ayesha Curry for this year’s ultimate celebration of all things “Frozen!” 

The original “Frozen” currently ranks as the 15th highest-grossing movie of all time. It earned $1,276,500,000 worldwide.

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Hours of Disney Fun

Disney’s Frozen Fan Fest Virtual Playdate will be a three to five-hour-long event complete with celebrity appearances, sing-a-longs and dance lessons! (Those are Brody’s favorite!) Enjoy a day full of “Frozen 2”-themed activities—including a bedroom makeover, a fashion show with apparel and accessories, an American Sign Language tutorial of “Show Yourself,” and the opportunity to learn how to draw Olaf! The Playdate will also feature the best “Frozen” toys including new apparel, fashion accessories, bedding, toys, party decor, and costumes from Hasbro, LEGO, Party City, Disguise, shopDisney and more. It’s everything you or your little “Frozen” fans could ever want!

You’ll also get an exclusive first-look at the trailer for “Once Upon a Snowman,” the new short from Walt Disney Animation Studios, coming to Disney+ on October 23. Basically, it’s a full-on “Frozen” party and my kids can’t wait!

The first official teaser for “Frozen 2” dropped on February 13, 2019. It logged 116.4 million views in the first 24 hours it was online. It’s the most-viewed animated movie trailer of all time.

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Be Your Favorite Character

It unfortunate, but a lot of us are celebrating Halloween virtually this year. Are you and the kids are stuck at home? Frozen Fest is a great way to have a little extra fun! Dress up and get into the spirit of the holiday with us—but with a Disney spin! To channel our inner magic, we dressed up as our favorite “Frozen” characters with outfits from Disguise Costumes. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, even Olaf! It’s the kind of family Halloween costume coordination that only Disney can pull off.

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 In “Lost in the Woods,” Jonathan Groff also provides the voice for all of the reindeer backup singers. There are close to “18 different vocal tracks.”

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Face Your Fears

Because Halloween is my family’s favorite holiday (and “Frozen 2” is currently Brody’s favorite movie) we can’t wait for everyone to join us for the Frozen Fan Fest Virtual Playdate. Halloween is a great time to face your fears and show yourself as you really feel on the inside. So what better theme for our Halloween party than Disney’s “Frozen 2?” I even decorated the house with a Disney Halloween spin! Spooky eyes from the Enchanted Forest, “Frozen 2” pumpkin carvings, pumpkin snowmen and see if you can spot Mickey and Minnie in the background!

In “Frozen 2” everything from the trees to the foliage is accurate to Scandinavia. The team consulted a botanist to make sure they got it all right.

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Family-Friendly Fun

Whether your kids are older, younger, or just young at heart, Disney’s Frozen Fan Fest Virtual Playdate can’t be missed! Be sure to also keep an eye out during the Virtual Playdate for exciting guest appearances by fellow social influencers and “Frozen” fans, as well as Radio Disney’s Cameron McLeod and Jason Maybaum from Disney Channel’s “Raven’s Home.”

This playdate is a wonderful way to enjoy a little bit of Disney’s Halloween magic from the safety and comfort of your own home. So grab your favorite reindeer (Sven!), pile some snow in the living room (or just a few pillows), and get ready to enjoy this amazing, one-of-a-kind virtual playdate!

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The animation and effects for Elsa’s horse, Nokk, took nearly six months to develop. It took nearly half a dozen animators working extensively on it.

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