It finally happened you guys—I became Brody’s plus one. What a day it was to have Brody interview the stars of Sing 2! He met Scarlett Johannson, Reese Witherspoon, and Matthew McConaughey (I think we had a moment you guys) to talk to them about the movie and teach them some of his Boss Baby moves of course. What a day! I am so proud of him. We are so blessed to watch our tiny legend pave the way for himself and so many others.

boy by the window looking at sing 2 poster Matthew McConaughey winking

Sharing Our Shimmy

We started the day with Brody interviewing the main cast inside the gorgeous Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. He had one-on-one interviews with all of them and it was beyond insane and so awesome to see him thrive in an environment like this. He taught them to dance, how to shimmy, and how to do the shimmy Fosse. Is that my kid or is that my kid?! I have all the videos on my Instagram highlights, you have to check them out. It’s so cool to see these major celebrities meet our Boss and be so warm and friendly to him. I stood on the sidelines most of the day just cheering him on! And staring at Matthew McConaughey. Side note: he winked at me!! Proof on my Instagram. We’re connected.

moms and their kids posing mom and son on red carpet at sing 2 premierekids on red carpet at sing 2 premiere

Walking the Red Carpet

Next up was the red carpet and Brody rolled up in true Boss style with a dress, blazer, and top hat. That’s my boy! What a surreal moment to see him on the carpet with all of these photographers taking his picture, asking him to look over here or over there—a true pinch-me moment. It’s so incredibly humbling and inspiring to see my kindergartener be so fearless and confident out there. If he can rock a dress on the red carpet without a second thought, we could all learn a thing or two from him.

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reese witherspoon and scarlett johannson mom and son with matthew mcconaughey

Watching Sing 2

Then it was time for the movie screening. We headed to the AMC at The Grove and got to get a first look at the new Sing 2 movie. It was such a blast! I loved the mix of songs they chose—definitely some good oldies in there to keep the parents entertained. It’s also fun to hear the little ones learn and love some of our favorite songs. Brody loved the movie and wants to go see it again. It’s truly a must-see whether you’re three or 93!

matthew mcconaughey and boy dancingsmiling mom and son

So Proud of Brody

I’m still reeling. What a magical couple of days. I always knew Brody was a special kid but could have never predicted that he’d get to experience such awesome things at such a young age. He works hard by being authentically himself, and it’s so special to be able to share that light with others—especially when they’re Matthew McConaughey! And everyone else, too. Ha! I’m just so grateful he’s able to do this, it’s an experience we’ll never forget. And make sure you watch Sing 2 when it comes to theaters on December 22!

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sing movie quotemom and son on red carpet for sing 2
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  1. Good morning,
    I was wondering how Brodie managed to go from adorable Instagram baby to movie star. Was he discovered because of his online profile?


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