Some days I wake up and have to remind myself that my youngest child has over 600,000 followers on Instagram. Like, what?! While we’ve always known our Boss Baby was special, at the end of the day, he’s just another part of our crazy family. That being said, it’s so completely surreal to see the impact that our Brody has on people’s lives—simply by being him! When life gets tough (and we all know it can get tough), I feel so proud remembering that anyone can make a big difference, no matter how small they are!

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Unlocking Happiness Through Passion

I think what first drew people to Brody was his sheer passion and emotion when he danced. To us, it was just another day in the Schaffer house, but it quickly connected with people across the world. It got me thinking—how often do we just allow ourselves to let loose and dance? Not often enough, in my opinion.

Dance makes Brody come alive. When he moves, the world becomes his stage—even when we’re in line at the grocery store. That passion is something we can all incorporate into our own lives. What are you passionate about?! Pursue it with gusto!

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Expressing Yourself Through Fashion

Bobby and I raised four very stylish, confident kids. I’m jealous! Seeing each of them adopt their own style has been such a joy to see. For Brody, it’s all about sparkle, glitter, and color. In short: go bold! But fashion is just another outlet for our Boss to express himself.

No matter what you wear, it should reflect who you are on the inside! Brody is always authentically himself (most kids are!). So if you want to don a red boa to let the world know how fabulous you are, consider it Brody-approved!

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Embracing What Makes You You 

We’re all different, and thank goodness for that! Imagine how completely boring life would be if we all acted like carbon copies of each other. The greatest lesson I’ve learned from Brody as his mama is to embrace who you are and feel confident to rock it wholeheartedly. Life is too short to spend your days trying to be like someone else.

Most messages we receive on Brody’s Instagram are about how he has inspired people to live more authentically. What a gift! We all have the power to impact people, so why not make it a good impact and promote a full life of happiness, authenticity, and passion? If Brody can do it, I know we all can, too.

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4 thoughts on “How Tiny Boss Baby Brody Makes a Big Impact”

  1. Brody is one of a kind, and I enjoy watching all of his IG videos. I’m a huge fan. His personality, smile, facial expressions, getting into character but still remain a kid at heart is what we need now more than ever in all of us! Ty for sharing your son with the world. He is precious.

  2. Beautiful Brody popped up on my feed and from that moment, I was hooked. Kudos to you and Dad for allowing him to be him and be PROUD! I love watching him dance, ESPECIALLY ballet! Love that little soul!

  3. I love Boss Brody! His videos always bring a smile to my face even in the darkest of days. His confidence makes it easier for me to live authentically me.

  4. I have always been in awe of Dancers- belonging yrs ago to the Joyce Theater in NY- I love all kinds of dance. Not till seeing Brody have I ever been so taken in -his unique flair and passion at his age completely blow me away! I see a phenomenal future for him.


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