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It’s safe to say this year has been a tough one for all of us, but especially for our kids. As we’re gearing back up to start the school year in a completely different world than where we started, it’s more important than ever to get them feeling confident and excited to get back to learning. For that job, I always look to Kohl’s.

A one-stop-shop for all of our back-to-school needs, Kohl’s has been a favorite for me and my family for years. And when you’re as busy as I am (even in quarantine we somehow manage to fill up our schedules every day), you want a place where you can find the clothes, accessories and shoes that will help boost the confidence of all of your kids. Yes, please!

If you’re in an area that’s sending their kids back to learn in person, back-to-school clothes from Kohl’s are a no brainer. Read on for the must-have items on our back-to-school list to get ready for distance learning, in-person learning, or whatever else 2020 is going to throw our way!

In the U.S. approximately 480,000 school buses bring children back and forth to school each day.

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Styling Shirts

My kids love a graphic tee moment! What can I say, my days blasting ‘80’s music nonstop have finally paid off.

Breathable shirts that are easy to move around in are a must for these kids. Shirts are an easy way for them to express themselves and find options that they feel confident and cool in—no matter the pattern (although we love a stripe moment), sleeve length or style.

I also like to pick up a few formal shirts for any sort of special event or picture-worthy moment.

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The Denim Destination

With how fast my kids are growing, it feels like I have to purchase a new pair of jeans every minute. When it comes to denim, Kohl’s makes it easier than ever to find the fit and flare that feels best for each of my kids. There are a ton of styles, including a wide variety of washes and cuts, so we’re able to find a few options fit for every occasion.

I like getting the kids a pair of light and dark washes just to have some variety. Plus, they have expanded their offerings to include a few sustainable options, too.

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The biggest school in the world is the City Montessori School in Lucknow, India. It has more than 32,000 students!

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Shoe Shopping

When your kids are as busy and energetic as mine—hello, have you seen our dance parties—you need shoes that last. What I love most about Kohl’s shoes is how extensive their brand offerings are. All of the key brands are there, including Nike, Adidas, Vans, Converse and more.

Whether it’s casual or active shoes you’re looking for, you can find them here with unique colors and styles that reflect your kids’ personalities.

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Backpacks and Lunches

The key essential to any back-to-school moment? An amazing backpack, of course! What’s important to the kids is style. Me? I’m all about durability. Kohl’s has options that check both boxes from popular brands like Adidas, Jansport and Hurley, all perfect to get the kids back to school in style.

And for lunches and snacks, anything that doesn’t leak is my best friend—Thermos, Contigo, Pyrex—all tried and true without the stress.

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The average family spends $700 in school supplies every year, adding up to $80 billion in annual sales!

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