Are you thinking about changing up your guest or master bathroom? Maybe you’re thinking you need a full-on remodel or you’re just seeking a little bit of inspiration for a few quick changes? Whatever you’re looking for, there’s no denying the appeal of farmhouse decor. Modern farmhouse design has taken the world by storm and we sure are loving it. No matter what your bathroom intentions are, we think you’ll enjoy checking out these one-of-a-kind beautiful farmhouse bathroom makeovers that, we have to admit, we’re totally obsessed with.

With its roots in traditional country style, modern farmhouse design brings together a mix of rustic, vintage, and modern elements to create a timeless look that never goes out of style. From distressed wood furniture to branches made into wall-hangings, farmhouse decor can give any space a warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s a style that is both timeless and casual while also being chic and on-trend. With its combination of rustic, practical elements and contemporary touches, you can create a relaxing oasis in your own bathroom.

The traditional farmhouse design trend has been around for a bit but there are some elements and elevated décor features that have reimagined modern farmhouse bathroom design. The powder room should be an inviting space that’s both cozy and chic. And if you get it right you’ve designed a functional space with rustic charm.

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What are the elements of a farmhouse bathroom?

Farmhouse-style bathrooms include natural elements such as reclaimed wood and barn doors. Bring in natural elements like jute or burlap rugs, baskets, and other woven accents. Soften the ruggedness of wood with white subway tile, white shiplap walls, and a neutral color palette. Farmhouse-style sinks, wallpaper, and open shelving are key elements to build upon. 

Vintage accents, farmhouse-style light fixtures, and wicker baskets pull it all together beautifully. If you’re lucky enough to have one, a freestanding tub is the ultimate in farmhouse bathroom décor. Mason jars are inexpensive and perfect for storing Q-Tips and cotton balls. 

If you are considering a farmhouse bathroom remodel, scour flea markets and local thrift stores for fixtures and finishing touches.

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

For inspiration take a look at our favorite modern farmhouse bathrooms and more traditional styles below:

Sophisticated modern farmhouse bathroom with green wainscoting walls, a polished white sink and gold mirror.

Sophisticated Elegance

This wainscoting molding is so unique and the black hardware adds a nice contrast to the sink. This bathroom can certainly be described as sophistication meets farmhouse. The French country feel adds such a brilliant elegance to it. A powder room like this one can really help to add a little more class to a home. See the step-by-step over at Jenna Sue Design.

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Traditional Farmhouse Bathroom in neutral colors and dual sinks.

Double the Beauty

Check out this dual sink master bath! It’s just so cool! We are certainly picking up on its country vibes and full-on diggin’ it. It’s all in the details. Barnyard lights and shiplap siding? Yes, please! Check out how Kristi remodeled her bathroom over at Making It in the Mountains.

A lovely farmhouse bathroom with a seafoam green cabinet and lots of feminine charm.

Feminine Charm

This bathroom offers beautiful, feminine vibes in its lovely cabinetry work and fun colors, while not skimping on charm. The contrast of the tile floors with the wooden vanity brings the farmhouse style alive. It is fun and funky without going overboard. It pulls off a pretty good mix of farmhouse and chic. Follow the tutorial for this vintage revamp by Kelli and Kristi over at Lolly Jane.

Floating wood shelves and woven baskets used for bathroom storage.

At the Farm

Wooden plank shelves, or “free-floating shelves,” are a great way to add some farmhouse vibes to just about any room and that goes for bathrooms as well. It just goes to show that even how you store items in a space can make such a big difference. We are loving these piled-up shelves! See how Alicia decorated her bathrooms over at Thrifty and Chic.

A luxurious bathroom with a wood vanity and claw foot tub.

Simply Blissful

Would you just look at this beautiful bathroom! Wouldn’t you love to take a bath in that tub? Yes, please! Freestanding tubs are so luxurious and a great focal point of any farmhouse bathroom. This bathroom is so spacious. You almost feel as if you are in your own personal spa. See how Josh and Amanda remodeled their master bath over at Sincerely Marie Designs. Got your bubbles and essential oils ready?

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A rustic-style bathroom with a ladder shelf in neutrals.

Stunning and Peaceful

Can you spot the wooden wall decor ladder? And peep those sink knobs. This has “farmhouse” written all over it. The simple decor on this is oh-so stunning and its minimalism will allow guests to feel more at peace. Check out Jenna Sue Design Blog to find out how to get the look.

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Small bathroom update in light airy colors.

So Dreamy

The dainty lightness of this powder room is just so appealing. It has such a lovely elegance to it. This small bathroom is perfection from the adorable mirror to the baby blue cabinetry, the tile, and wood-planked walls. We are loving it all! You don’t necessarily have to undergo construction to get the look you are going for. Just use this dreamy bathroom from Jenna Kate at Home for inspo!

A quaint small bathroom with farmhouse touches like a mason jar light fixture and mason jar soap dispenser.

Homey and Lovely

If you want a more subtle farmhouse look, here ya have it! The white cabinets nicely contrast the wood flooring in this mostly white bathroom. Odds are, if you are into the farmhouse style, you are probably also into mason jars. Check out the adorable mason jar-inspired light fixture and the mason jar soap dispenser. We love how Ashley at Joyfully Growing put this lovely powder room together.

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A sweet farmhouse bathroom with a light green cabinet and floating natural wood shelves.

Farm Chic

This bathroom is perfect for the kids or as a guest powder room. We love this true farmhouse sink. The way Holly at Our Faux Farm House decorated this space is top-notch. It takes a certain eye to put this together and we are pretty obsessed with the design. Wallpaper is back these days and it totally works here. Did we mention we also love the light fixtures and the wooden-planked walls?

Whether you’re looking for a new bathtub or simply need some storage solutions, farmhouse decor can provide a unique and cozy feel that will last for years to come. With its classic charm and country flair, it’s no wonder why farmhouse bathrooms have become so popular. Whether you’re looking for an update or a complete remodel, farmhouse decor is sure to make your bathroom feel like home.

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A large farmhouse bathroom with a wood double vanity and marble countertop fitted with black fixtures. Two black-framed mirrors hang above the sinks. There is a large white-tiled shower.


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