We are big fans of farmhouse decor. Be it modern interpretations that are translated into interior works of art, or the interweaving of bits and bobs into your space, this style is timeless and cozy. And the same rings true for your bathroom. We spend so much time primping and showering (among other things) in this room that it deserves some attention! To add some style to your bathroom, here are a few farmhouse accessories that will channel the country-meets-contemporary vibes you hope to infuse into your “privy.”

In 2013, the United Nations General Assembly designated Nov. 19 as World Toilet Day to raise awareness about the human right to water and sanitation.

glass candles

Light Up Some Farmhouse Candles

First and foremost, every bathroom needs candles. Because your bathroom should always smell amazing! But you have to find the right scent in the right container. Which is why we love the Good Natured Soy Jar Candle at Anthropologie. With an amber glass container topped with a cork lid, they’re the best of form and function.

driftwood vases

Decorate With the Outdoors In Mind

A Narrow Driftwood Vase from Arhaus brings the outside in, adding an element of nature to a space that is often neglected in terms of environmental influences. Painstakingly designed to mimic worn-in driftwood, this cement piece is intricately textured and watertight so you can fill it to the brim with succulents.

bathtub caddy

Bath Time Is the Best Time

Bathtime calls for bubbles, a good book, essential oils, the aforementioned candle, and a place to put it all. Cue the teakwood Lotus Bathtub Caddy from Anthropologie with brass handles and a whitewash finish. A must-have come time to unwind, carefree. Whether you rest a glass of wine or a can of La Croix atop its surface is up to you.

towel holder

Hang Them Up

Rather than hide your towels in a closet, show them off on this Teak Ladder from Crate & Barrel. Usually discarded, these branches are given a second life as a beautiful ladder that exudes natural charm. It’s sustainable and stylish!

Sir John Harington, a member of Queen Elizabeth I’s court, is credited with the invention of the modern flush toilet.

stack of bathroom towels

Wrap Up In Cozy, Fluffy Towels

Speaking of towels, in lieu of traditional terry cloth, opt for a waffle texture—yes, waffle! These West Elm Waffle Towels are 100 percent organic cotton and give a rich, texturally luxurious spin to your usual go tos. Lightweight and quick-drying, they also beg to be displayed.

basket toilet paper holder

Don’t Forget the TP

Typically stacked or stored out of sight, toilet paper can now enjoy the limelight in this Seagrass Paper Holder from Pottery Barn. Natural fibers are handwoven, offering space for three more rolls. A rattan pole further holds two more, making this optimal for smaller spaces.

hand wash

Make Sure to Wash for 20 Seconds

Swoon over the Reverence Duet from Aesop, a hand wash and hand balm tag team whose formulation includes a unique, warm and woody aroma. Plus they offer up some sublime skin-softening properties. And that packaging? Those rustic, amber-hued glass bottles are oh-so farmhouse chic.

faux flowers in vase

Bring In Natural Elements

If your bathroom is lacking in natural light, fear not! You can make it come alive with the right farmhouse bathroom accessories! For example, the exquisite Lace Hydrangea Bundle in an ivory shade from Pottery Barn is a stunning alternative to real (and hard to grow!) plants. Remarkably realistic, you can combine them with dried eucalyptus stems to make an accent that truly pops.

The oldest bathtub yet discovered dates back to 1,500 BC. The bathtub was designed for the Queen’s bathroom in the Palace of Knossos in Crete. It dates all the way back to the Minoan epoch.

shower curtain

Hang Up a Curtain

Delicate, subtle, yet beautiful, the Desi Shower Curtain from Urban Outfitters is 100 percent cotton and machine washable. Plus with subdued tufting mirrors and an interwoven chevron design, it’s understated, simple and lovely in every way.

clean bathroom


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