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5 Ways Bumbleride Makes Life Easier For The Active Mom


Lets face it, sticking to a work out schedule can be hard for anyone.  Add four kids, two dogs and a bad back to the mix, and it almost feels impossible.  The larger my world has become, the harder it is to exercise.  However, It’s time I find ways to burn some extra calories now that my seven month old is finally giving me a good night’s rest.

Thanks to Brody’s new ride, Indie by Bumbleride, there’s finally some light at the end of my chaotic tunnel.  I kid you not, the all terrain jogger has momma moving mountains… Okay, maybe not mountains, but I am certainly moving.


Bumbleride’s Indie all terrain jogger has set itself apart from the rest with its compact, lightweight frame.  I can honestly say in the nine years that I have pushing strollers, this jogger has to be the lightest.  It feels like I am pushing air, even on the toughest roads.  It has the smoothest push out of all the strollers I have had.  Dad agrees too.  With Southern California being very hilly, this lightweight jogger has been easy on my back.  I feel minimal pressure where it typically hurts the most when climbing those hills.  The 12 inch air-filled tires are just the right size.  And having all-wheel suspension makes this ride the Porsche of all joggers.

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Even in the midst of a chaotic life, we are no strangers to lessening our carbon footprint on the planet.  We did that by having the first dental practice in San Diego that is certified Green.  I was happy to learn that Bumbleride cares about Mother Earth just like we do.  Their fabrics feature a 100% recycled polyester (rPET recycled post consumer water bottles).  This company is devoted to durability, safety and function, while simultaneously caring about the environment.  As a mom who cares about our planet, I feel great knowing that this is my go-to stroller.  It also gives me another opportunity to chat with my older kids about  why they, too, should care.


Having serious back pain, I look for strollers that fold easily.  The Indie folds in just one step; Once again, making it easy on my back.  With an auto lock in place and a standing fold, transferring the stroller to my trunk is a breeze.  Another perk?  It doesn’t come in separate parts. It’s just one stroller to fold, making storing it very easy.  Here’s a short video showing you how easy it is to fold!


I’ve never owned a stroller with an adjustable handle.  This feature is beyond awesome for my family, as I have older kids who often like to help out by pushing the stroller (lucky, right?), and the handle can adjust to their size.  What an outstanding feature to include in a stroller!  In addition to the handlebar adjusting, the footrest does the same.  This feature makes the baby feel nice and snug.  Brody is still very little, and it’s great that this jogger is so infant compatible.  Score for my wee little one, keeping him nice and cozy on the go.








The features just don’t stop with this jogger.  The sun canopy has an SPF of 45, and has an extension that truly covers the baby, protecting him from the harsh sun.  The Indie also fully reclines with just one hand and it has airflow that prevents baby from getting overheated.

After two weeks with the Indie, I can confidently say that from birth to the toddler years, the Indie is all you need.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this stroller, mainly because we are a very active family, and it was more than compatible with all of our outings. Whether trekking to and from Petco Park, onto the beach, or exercising on rocks and pavement, this is now our go-to stroller.  I like to refer to it as the “perfect Schaffer lifestyle stroller”.  Nine years ago when Jackson was born, we loved the Queen B Pram by Bumbleride.  I am grateful to have had the chance to do this four times now — with my brood and Bumbleride.

Enjoy the video below!

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  1. Love Brody’s short film debut! And that we can own an amazing stroller from a local San Diego Co! Win win sister! Xxoo

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      Thats right Kate… make it un and go down to the studio in little italy…..

  2. What a beautiful and in depth review of Indie, Danielle! Thank you so much for sharing how Indie helps make your active lifestyle just a little bit easier. We’re so lucky to have an eco minded local who shares our passion for purpose built design. Thank you for sharing your Bumbleride adventures, we can’t wait to see where Indie takes you and your littles next!

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      Awe Thanks Ryan for reaching out…. Your jogger deserved the review… It’s that good! And thank you for thinking of it ALL!!! our family and our planet appreciates it!!!

  3. Stroller looks awesome!! How in the world is Brody 7 months???? He’s such a cutie!!!! XO

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      Thanks Renee…. he’s still a baby don’t worry yet…. when he turns one we can cry

  4. My little ones are older but definitely recommend to my several mamas who have Mini-Bundles for a fab Bumble! Brody looks so comfy;))

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      awe… yes this stroller is the porshe xoxo

  5. Hi! I’m interested in buying this stroller for my first, but am wondering if it is compatible with the Nuna carseat? Its says online that it is, but in all of the reviews no one mentions car seat compatibility. Do you know if it works well with the nuna Pipa?


    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      Hi Kailey I don’t know off hand but if it says it is, then you can guarantee it is…. I suggest you call customer service or shoot them an email… Such an awesome stroller xoxox

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