There’s nothing like the energy you feel when at a home team game! The roar of the crowd, the packed stands, the team’s big win — it’s simply electrifying! If you’ve never experienced a San Diego Seals lacrosse game, you need to put it at the top of your list! It’s an exciting and inspiring sports experience that is an absolute must-do with your family in San Diego.

A mom and her two sons stand in a doorway dressed in lacrosse fan gear and holding lacrosse sticks.

Your New Favorite Sports Team

The San Diego Seals are a team in the 36-year-old National Lacrosse League (NLL), the world’s only professional box lacrosse league. It’s such an incredible game to watch (and the oldest organized sport in North America!) and truly exciting, even if you’re not a huge sports fan. I love seeing so many people come out to support a local team, and there is no crowd that compares to a San Diego crowd!

A mom and her sons walk through the front door wearing sunglasses and holding lacrosse sticks.

An Event for the Whole Family

The Seals are the ones to watch for San Diego lacrosse. Being a #LAXmom and having two diehard lacrosse players in our home, this has quickly become a family favorite event. Not only is it an opportunity for our kids to see their favorite sport, but it’s also a chance for all of us to bond together and hang out away from the house and the TV! Plus, one of the players is Roman’s coach! Seeing Roman’s face light up watching his coach play is priceless.

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A mom and her two kids are standing in their front door playing with lacrosse sticks.

Catch the Next Game

There’s still time to join in on the fun! You have to be there to really get the experience. Catch the last San Diego Seals lacrosse game on April 29 at Pechanga Arena. See you in the stands!

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A mom and her sons pose in the doorway of their home with San Diego Seals tees on while holding lacrosse sticks.


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