Spring Cleaning: A More Strategic Approach

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We’re nearly a month into the spring season, and one by one, the rooms in the house are getting refreshed! From spring cleaning to new finishings, this mama doesn’t stop. Something about the fresh air, extended daylight hours, warmer weather and sunshine gives me the urge to purge and purify.

There are so many ways to attack spring cleaning, and this year I’ve decided to approach it a little differently. I typically dive right into the bigger spaces first, where I can quickly start to see progress. Until now, my former philosophy on spring cleaning was ‘the bigger the trash bags and higher the donation piles, the better I’m doing’! While nothing compares to the gratification of purging pantries and closets, I am taking a more strategic approach by starting with our medicine cabinets.
Small areas like medicine cabinets often get overlooked on our quest for fresh, renewed and reorganized spaces. Last spring, I was equally proud and embarrassed to have purged over 20 medications that were expired by up to three years! Since then, we’ve done quite a bit of reorganizing, and for the sake of convenience, our medicine cabinet has multiplied from one to three. Our main stash is in the master bath, and after this past year’s cold and flu season, has spread to the downstairs guest suite and upper kitchen cabinets. To prevent a repeat of last year’s Rx hoardfest from happening, all spaces that are often last on my list will take priority this year, before my spring cleaning bug says ‘buh-bye’.
Although we’re all aware that prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines (OTCs) do expire, I feel as though clearing the expired meds clutter is often overlooked. Ridding the house of expired meds can be quick, safe and easy, if you do it right. I found the stats below astounding, but before I knew how to properly dispose of expired meds, I was among the guilty parties too. With four kids and two dogs living under our roof, it’s my responsibility to make sure it’s done right!

According to Harris Poll research conducted on behalf of the CHPA’s Educational Foundation:

  • 62% of adults have never sought information on how to properly dispose of their unwanted or expired over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.
  • 50% of adults say they typically dispose of unwanted or expired OTC meds in the trash, but only 8% mix them with undesirable substances before tossing.

The good news is in-home medicine disposal of all OTCs is safe and convenient. Follow these three simple steps from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to dispose of OTCs in your household trash:

  • Mix medicines (do not crush tablets or capsules) with an unpalatable substance such as kitty litter or used coffee grounds.
  • Place the mixture in a container such as a sealed plastic bag.
  • Throw the container in your household trash.

In addition to in-home disposal, you can also take advantage of local disposal programs and community take-back days. Check to see if your local pharmacy has a safe medicine disposal program; many have in-store disposal kiosks or provide them to local law enforcement agencies that allow the disposal of unwanted, unused or expired medication – both OTC and prescription drugs – anytime during business hours. The next U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) National Prescription Take-Back Day is Saturday, April 28.

For me, the reason for purging medicine cabinets first is two-fold:

  1. Simply to make sure it happens before the bigger projects get in the way.
  2. When purging expired medicines before the expired items from your pantry and refrigerator, you can easily mix them among undesirable substances, ensuring they don’t linger in the trash for days.
San Diego living means plenty of summertime visitors, so spring cleaning is a must! Taking care of the little spaces first in this case makes for a clean, clutter free and safe atmosphere for family and friends. Bring on the barbeques, beach parties and boating. But first, purge and purify!

For more information on safe disposal, check out the site here.

This Post is Sponsored! Though I was compensated by the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA’s) Educational Foundation in support of, all opinions are my own! Thank You For Supporting CityGirlGoneMom!



  1. I have been trying to do some serious spring cleaning, and it is a good reminder to go through the medicine cabinets too. Thanks for the tips, I don’t know that I knew the right way of disposing medicines properly.

  2. We’ve done some updating inside the house and did a lot of yard work already, but I’m yet to clean the medicine cabinet and pantry. Those are next on my to-do list.

  3. I’m horrible about hanging onto expired medications. My daughter usually goes through my stuff for me once a year or so and gets rid of everything that has expired.

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      well you are raising them right mama xoxo

  4. I am bad about hanging on to expired meds too! I really need to purge some closets as well. I like to sell stuff though instead of just give it away, which usually has me hanging on to it longer.

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      You are not alone… I started donating instead of selling and get so much more satisfaction by helping someone… I sold all my clothes for years… and some things of course should be sold… but donate to church and women shelters its amazing…

  5. This is something I need to do soon. I know I have several expired medicines. I have two medicine cabinets one for my husband and I and the other is for y boys. I bet if I cleaned them out I would have tons more space!

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      yes for sure…. thanks for sharing

  6. I love spring cleaning and currently doing that now. We have donated so much this week.

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      way to go mama! be sure to check that medicine cabinet too xoxox

  7. I honestly have no idea that this is the right way to clean out medicine. I should be more careful next time and follow this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      So happy this article helped you!

  8. I always dispose of expired meds in a ziplock with coffee grounds and water. I hope that’s ok??

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      yes perfect…. just be sure to read the post…

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