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A Thoughtful Mother’s Day

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When my husband asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day this year, I paused. I am working on mindfulness, you see. Before making any decisions, big or small, taking into account how the outcome will affect my husband, kids and others all come into play. As moms, some might argue that Mother’s Day is our one day of the year to be selfish, and I can certainly see their point. But as I pause, I remind myself to think differently. How can I curate the perfect Mother’s Day experience, so that it’s about more than just me?
I think about the moms in our lives that have been so helpful through our journey. Over the years, Bobby’s three sisters have been godsends, and although we are on opposite sides of the country, I’d like to celebrate them this year too. There’s no doubt they’ll have a wonderful Mother’s Day with family, but a little gratitude from afar will go a long way, and I’ve got the perfect way to show it.
For more than 40 years,® has been putting smiles on the faces of moms near and far for Mother’s Day. Recently unveiling their 2018 Mother’s Day collection with a broad range of price points, makes it so easy to provide magic moments to those who matter the most!
When gifting flowers, I always gravitate toward tulips. There’s just something so sweet and playful about them, perfect for sisters and girlfriends. So, when I saw various choices in their Timeless Tulips collection, I was stoked. Each of their tulip arrangements pop with color, with brights and pastels, perfect for this glorious spring season. The option to order with or without a vase is always nice, too, because if you’re anything like me, you’ve already hand selected vases to compliment your home, and love any good excuse to put them on display.
Being mindful of others and showing gratitude when least expected has a way of making my heart smile. So much that it got me thinking. How many moms can I touch, leading up to “our” day? Whether it’s a note, a smile, returning a favor or a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, my plan for this Mother’s Day is to keep my fellow Moms in mind as I decide how my family will celebrate. Here’s a few ways you can too:
House Cleaner:
Prep for your perfect Mother’s Day by hiring the house cleaner the Friday prior to Mother’s Day weekend. And if she’s a mom too, leave a special treat from you and the kids.
Hair Stylist/Nail Technician:
If you’re primping between now and Mother’s Day, and your stylist or technician is a Mom, show her some love with a hand written note and extra tip.

We may or may not ask a lot from these special individuals, and they may or may not have kids of their own, but by giving them a nod for being in your life and the life of your children can mean so much.

Those who go above and beyond when life gets a little crazy deserve a pat on the back too! Show your arsenal of assistance some appreciation this year with a coffee, call or text!
As for our Mother’s Day plan this year? After the house is clean, hair & nails done, and fresh flowers delivered, celebrating outside with family over brunch and mimosas would take the cake! Coconut cake, that is. Is that too much to ask? Wishing a beautiful & bright Mother’s Day to all!

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  1. This was beautiful; so were the pics as usual;) Great tips- Mama’s Day is still so bitter sweet for me as I traverse my own motherhood path (miss my incredible Mama every … single… day) However when we are feeling low and I appreciate your remidners to give thanks and a hearty nod to all the others that, those that share this Mighty Mama-Crown, support, love and thanks. It’s what mine would’ve done as well💕✨ Loving the overalls too xx

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      I miss you tremendously! Your words I always look forward to. And I know your mama is your personal angel xoxo

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