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Every mom experiences the “mom burn out,” no one is immune to it.  Parenting is tough, its not easy and when you’re out numbered it’s a whole other level of madness.    Most moms run around like frenzied ninjas trying to manage the kids lives and lets face it, we are tired, oh yeah and then we are more tired.  There are countless days where we spend most of our time worrying about everyone else, that we tend to put ourselves on the back burner.  I am not a mystical human being, I am not a mermaid (though at times I pretend to me one), or a unicorn, I just want to make an effort to get out of my sweats and stay in tune with my love for fashion.  It makes me feel better and when I make an effort I am definitely happier.

For this weeks Friday Faves I am highlighting one of my new sponsors that has me drooling page after page.  Planet Blue is a West Coast based company and luckily for me they ship World Wide.  They seem to carry all the brands I love and have really nailed that comfortable, sexy look.  As a mom of three, it’s so important to feel really good and look your best.  I try not to let myself go.  I loved getting dressed before kids, why stop now?  Wearing my favorite threads is part of that process of keeping up with feeling and looking good.

Being a “happy” mom doesn’t require rocket science, it just requires making an effort.  With all the kids practices, homework battles, bathing, cooking, diapers, and laundry, making an attempt can seem like a dream far off in the distance.  It doesn’t have to be.  You must find the time for the shower, hair, makeup and getting dressed.  If you didn’t read my post about getting our of your sweat pants you can read it here.  Even if you get ready in bouts of ten minute intervals, however you do it, just do it. Get dressed!

We have all heard the term, “Happy Wife- HappyLife.”  Well it rings true.  Us moms have to be happy and taking care of me benefits everyone in my family.  So, take that hour for yourself to look super adorable and enjoy my favorite looks from Planet Blue!





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3 thoughts on “Shop My Style”

  1. I Remember planet blue from my LA days; awesome shop; so great to know their deliver these days. I’m all over/researching about 12 of these looks now..


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