When Moms Snap and End Up Behind Bars

When Moms Snap and End Up Behind Bars

Rebecca Riedy, actress and voiceover artist, joins us in studio. What happens when moms snap and go off the deep end? Danielle and Nikki talk a lot of parenting topics but they are seriously fascinated with how moms end up in true crime. This week’s crazy mom plants drugs in another mom’s car to try to get her arrested. Who does that?

She Did WHAT!?

Welcome to the first of our little miniseries on “She Did What!?” Hopefully it makes you feel a little bit better about your parenting styles and about yourself. Like last night when you were yelling at your child. You didn’t commit a dirty crime and you’re not in jail or on trial.

It is time to switch the gears on the parenting podcasts and give you something a little bit … OK a lot different … than what we were previously talking about! Danielle says “I don’t want to take about parenting. I want to talk about the bitch that ran over her husband!” Much more exciting!

There are a lot of wild things out there that are happening… and literally in our own backyards. We all have those days where we want to go full throttle but we are able to pull ourselves back. We want to know what it takes to go from pulling yourself back then trotting full steam ahead. How does one switch gears and just start killing people or participate in other major crimes? Today we are putting the coffee away and bring out the martinis. So grab one for yourself, take a moment, sit back and buckle up, because this show is about to get a little crazy.

Scandalous Moms

Danielle has a friend in New York whose best friend started sleeping with the woman’s own husband.The friend hired a Private Investigator to spy on him and they were found out in a Nordstrom FAMILY bathroom! Disgusting!

Our scandal of the week is about a crazy mom who thought of the idea to plant drugs in another mother’s car after multiple other failed attempts to ruin her life and have her arrested! She and her husband planted marijuana and other pills in this woman’s car all because of a small discrepancy on the schoolyard. Voiceover actress Rebecca Reidy joins us to tell the story.

Giving Kids DRUGS!?

In other news, we also talk about the mother who was FINALLY arrested after posting on Instagram, a video of her children smoking weed! Normalizing such an act to children and having them participate. The youngest child in this video was around 2 years old! Who does this?

Nikki shares a story about a mother and her daughter who attend a private school in her area. The mother was growing marijuana in her home and had the daughter selling it at school. The mother and her boyfriend, who was also participating, entered guilty pleas in May of this year. They were caught back in 2016 when another parent of a child also attending the school found texts on their phone from the daughter selling the drugs.

We want to hear from you! What scandalous mom stories happen in your area!? Share them below for us or email at Danielle@CityGirlGoneMom.com! And tune in next week where we continue this series of  “She Did What!?”

Rebecca’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/rebeccariedy


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