She Ran Over Her Husband! Are You Kidding Me?!

She Ran Over Her Husband! Are You Kidding Me?!

Rebecca Riedy, actress and voiceover artist, joins us in studio. We can’t get enough of crazy moms in the news. This week Danielle and Nikki found a theme among true life mom crimes. Women who try to run over their husbands with their cars. Not once, but multiple times … and sometimes with a passenger. Yikes!

These Women Need Sleep, Wine, and Jesus

We want to talk to you today about more crazy mothers in the world who seem to be on these husband killing sprees. We have Rebecca Riedy back in the studio with us today to share a story you will not want to miss! Crazy doesn’t even begin to describe what you’re about to hear when it comes to a couple of dentists.

Before the Storm 

Danielle shares a story of a time she went a little out of her element when it came to her husband and one of her single friends… but thankfully she doesn’t have the crazy gene that these other moms and wives have going for them. She had invited a friend over for the night and as the evening came to a close, Danielle went upstairs to put the kids to sleep. When she returned downstairs she spotted a woman she considered a friend, taking a sharpie to her husband’s arm because she thought he would look “good with some tattoos..” How inappropriate! The Italian and New Yorker came out of Danielle in an instant and she kicked this woman out of her house! But what is it with these woman coming in on other people’s husbands? Back off ladies! He is taken. This story does not even compare to what you’re about to hear though, I can promise you that.

She Did What!?

We swear these women don’t even think about what they’re doing. Sure, they’ll just run over their husbands … but what about going to jail and leaving the kids home alone? It seems like it would be more satisfying to just divorce him and take him for everything he has, but to these women that thought doesn’t even cross their mind as they plow full steam ahead… with their cars.

In 2016, a California couple was in the midst of a divorce when the wife showed up at the family law center where her husband was meeting with the attorney. She waited for him to leave the court and decided she was going to drive her car into him and the people that he was with. One of them was the attorney. She followed her deed completely through and drove to the nearest bridge to jump off. Thankfully her victims survived.

However that is not the case for this next story. Here we have a happily married couple of over 20 years enjoying their time at a local pub, when they all of a sudden drunkenly end up arguing. The husband and wife end up outside the pub, where she proceeds to run him over and crush him with a pickup truck… Can you imagine what was going on in her mind to make such an impulsive, and fatal decision!?

The Secretary…

The story you have been waiting for, but don’t think that we will be sharing it all here! You’re going to have to tune in to hear the full dialogue by the lovely Rebecca Riedy! But for now, we will give you a little sneak peak! Back in July of 2002, David and Clara, a pair of dentists, seemed to have the picture perfect life. They had two boys together and David was a stepfather to Clara’s daughter. David had hired a new secretary at his dental office named Gail, to whom he started having relations. Clara quickly found out what was going on when an office manager approached her and told her to “protect her marriage and keep a close eye on what was going on around the office.” Clara quickly fired Gail and confronted the husband. Rather than taking action at that moment, she basically begged for her husband to stick around. Shortly after, Clara had an inkling Gail and her husband were still continuing the affair, so she hired a PI to help her crack the case. She found the two a plane ride away and took her daughter with her to catch them… What happens when Clara confronts the couple when she finds them together!? You’ll have to listen in to find out!

We hope you enjoyed this segment of “She Did What!?” And we look forward to you joining us for the next one! Please write in and share your stories.


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