Tis The Season… to Embrace Our Bad Selves!

Tis The Season… to Embrace Our Bad Selves!

Susan Sarandon and Cheryl Hines chat with Danielle! It’s almost Christmas and what better time to talk about all the things we haven’t quite been able to accomplish? Let’s face it, the moms are drowning and the kids are heading on holiday break! Danielle chatted with the cast of A Bad Moms Christmas earlier this year and we share the interview here. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Bad Moms!?

We’re only a few days away from Christmas and can’t believe it’s already here. Danielle has only bought presents for her two out of her four kids and Nikki is facing the problem of wanting to one-up her ex-husband. He is Jewish so she has already seen what he gave the kids for Hanukkah, and now she wants to do better!

Danielle tells us how the other day boxes were delivered to her house. She brought them upstairs alongside some shopping bags but left some behind on the counter because her hands were full. Her daughter went into the bags and exclaimed: “Who are the bath bombs for and the beautiful blue sweatshirt for?” Oops! But, how can we blame her! Who doesn’t like doing a little pre-Christmas peeking!?

As we know, as moms, some days everything goes our way. We are walking on cloud nine, kicking ass, taking names, mastering carpools, and winning at everything we do. Then we go from skipping through our day to drowning in diapers and deadlines and being judged by those who pass us by. It’s normal to feel one step behind and some days our patience seems to vanish much faster. We’re left wondering if that mom who always seems to have it together is just a social media facade. Do these moms actually make these Pinterest-worthy lunches daily?

Being A Bad Mom And Forgiving Yourself

That is why we all need an outlet. Which is exactly what John Lucas and Scott Moore, who created the Hangover gave us when they wrote and directed the sequel to Bad Moms. A Bad Moms Christmas is a humorously crafted film that exposes and underexposed topic: the draining demands of motherhood. Through all the F-bombs and “moms gone wild” scenarios that only Hollywood can create, this movie speaks to all walks of moms.

In celebration of the films DVD release, Danielle got to sit down and chat with Susan Sarandon and Cheryl Hines from Bad Moms Christmas and talk to them about motherhood! They remind us that it is quite alright if we are not perfect. We must leave room to forgive ourselves. Wait till you hear what they have to say! It’s parenting advice you won’t want to miss, so tune in!! And after this episode, take your “me” time and pop in the Bad Moms Christmas DVD and tell us what you think below! Happy Holiday’s everyone! Love, Danielle and Nikki!

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