Then Along Came BUMO! Founded By Chriselle Lim

Then Along Came BUMO! Founded By Chriselle Lim

Today on the show we met with fellow super mom and entrepreneur, Chriselle Lim, to talk about her latest venture—BÜMO. This mega force is the number one fashion expert on YouTube, a loving wife, super mama and a trailblazer in her career. Have I ever told you how stressful raising four kids can be? Hint: VERY stressful. Chriselle knows how it goes! It’s like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole where as soon as one problem is resolved, another pops up! And then came BÜMO. Your digital and physical community of like-minded parents, BÜMO is a space for parents to come together, work on their careers, stay in-the-know and build a tribe to get through the ups and downs of parenthood. On the show, Chriselle gave us an exclusive insight into why she started BÜMO and how she turned her biggest dreams into one amazing life.

Meet Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim is a Korean-American, fashion stylist, lifestyle and beauty blogger, digital influencer and founder of The Chriselle Factor. She first started her career as a wardrobe stylist, where she worked for years on editorial shoots with prominent celebrities and fashion books. In December 2011, Chriselle founded The Chriselle Factor to chronicle her daily musings and personal style. She also launched her YouTube channel to empower and inspire women all over the world. Within a short period, 650k+ people have subscribed to her YouTube channel. With over 29 million views, Chriselle is the number one fashion expert on all of YouTube. Through every avenue she can, Chriselle’s goal is to inspire all women across the globe through her personal style, beauty secrets and fashion tips. She is now one of the most influential tastemakers on the web! And if her addicting daily musings are any indication, the best is yet to come.

Humble Beginnings

Chriselle came from a traditional family that had envisioned up a certain kind of life for her. But the entrepreneur shares how she broke the mold and forged her own path in the fashion world as a stylist and then, as a YouTube phenomenon. What started out as a true passion project turned into an opportunity to monetize on her love for fashion when her videos went viral (see: how to tie a scarf in seven ways). From there, she continued to churn out videos and as her following grew, doors opened. Soon, The Chriselle Factor was founded. When it comes to her big life visions, Chriselle thinks big picture. Instead of focusing on the end goals, she puts her energy into the day by day, step by step philosophies to reach her goals.

Living in a Digital World

So how does she do it all? For Chriselle, it’s all about disconnecting. Although she’s in a career that revolves around digital communication, Chriselle talks about how important it is for her to take a break from social media. She shares her twice a year routine of disconnecting entirely (what she calls a digital detox). This includes daily practices of setting the phone down and being present with her family. With a job that never really stops, those moments of unplugging have been a lifesaver to her. Listen in for her, and Danielle’s, tips on disconnecting in order to connect with what’s most important.

Along Came BÜMO

BÜMO (‘parents’ in Korean) is a digital and physical community here to make the lives of busy parents a bit easier. As a working mom with her business just taking off when she had her first child, Chriselle had to make a tough decision. Put her child in daycare and go back to work full time or work from home and try to be present for both her child and her job? She soon found that she wasn’t present in either her motherhood or her career. Then she realized that so many other parents were struggling with the exact same thing. The problem? Most co-working spaces didn’t have licensed childcare options. So an idea popped in her head. BÜMO will be the first co-working center with fully-licensed childcare. Along with this co-work space, BÜMO is a full-fledged community in both the physical and digital world. Each week the bümoDIGEST will land straight in your inbox and provide a wealth of information, handy reminders and more for the modern parent.


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