2018 is the year I am going to celebrate and share those that I love. From hilarious podcasts to Ginger’s many hats and Angela’s house of style, these ‘nine to know’ are definitely CGGM favs! What I have learned from all of them is that its community, never competition! Cheers to the friends I follow, links I love, and this weeks nine to know! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

  1. Brianne From Stroller In The City: I love how she hits the city streets with her adorable tribe and shares whats trending. Here’s a delicious breakfast option she recently shared! Fun Fact: We are both from NYC and have tenacity with city grit running through our NYC bones!
  2. Kate Casey: Just listen to her podcast once! Why can’t this mama be my neighbor? She’s a comedian, a baby hoarder and loves to make fun of celebrities! Fun Fact: Our 4th babies were born on the same day, same year!
  3. Heather Brooker: Actress, Podcaster, Blogger, Mother, MOM-BOSS! And I thought I was busy! Look at what this mama is doing!
  4. Angela Kim: The Ying To My Yang! Meet Angela! She can style anything that comes her way! I swear she’s related to Martha! Fun Fact: We are blogger B.F.F.’s
  5. Dr. Kim: I met her a few years ago and I love her expertise with everything parenting. A fun tipDate Your Children Says Dr. Kim!
  6. Sarah Komers: She’s gorgeous, brilliant savvy and so happy I have her on speed dial! She creates products you must have whether in your kitchen or cozying up to bed! Raising good humans is exhausting!
  7. Ginger Parrish: The girl with many HATS! Oh how I love her! She’s so stylish and has a keen eye for design and photography! Fun Fact: We met at Disney, Aulani!
  8. Chrissy Powers: Another adorable mama bear who just announced she is bringing a little girl to the world this year! She has a podcast and a thriving blog! I also met her at Disney Aulani.
  9. Veena Crownholm & Erin Ziering: This duo teamed up last year and created The Millenial Mamas! I am not a millennial, but these girls keep it fun and real and I love watching their stops on the red carpet!


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