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Bestselling author, James Patterson and his son, Jack deliver an entertaining perspective on how to not take life so seriously in Penguins Of America.  Living in a world where on most days we view life at face value, this fun reminder shows off how silly it can be when we see a penguin taking a walk in our shoes!

The lavish interpretations throughout this compilation of life’s little humors can be seen with every turn of a page. James & Jack Patterson, with Florence Yue as a contributor are on point with their stories, and the illustrations by James Madsen won me over from the start. With life being nothing short of a series of rollercoaster rides, I appreciate the spin on our everyday, making a witty, unconventional and genuine read.

The Casablanca illustration, “Of all the icebergs in all the world she had to waddle into mine,” has the story of when my husband and I met written all over it. It’s true… in just one night, your life can change, and when I met Bobby dancing at Studio 54 in New York City, you better believe I rocked his world. Little did he know, I would become his military wife, and soon galavant the country with him. Nevermind creating four beautiful human beings together! My young, dapper Navy doc had no chance after we locked eyes. If you can picture it, I was like a seasoned angler reeling in her greatest catch. penguin cartoon family

I got married just before the infamous smartphone hit the scene, and finding the perfect shoe wasn’t that easy. The Jimmy Shoe’s illustration in Penguins Of America is the perfect representation of the frenzy us women go through for our shoes, and it brought me right back to my wedding planning days. Now that I had kissed my prince, I needed the perfect pair of glass slippers to seal the deal. I rummaged through every store in the garment district, and eventually crossed paths with some fashionistas who were apparently much more shoe savvy than me; they had a direct dial to some of the best fashion houses in the industry. After a quick chat about my ideal wedding day glass slipper, I was ready to prance up the aisle in my brand new Jimmy Choo’s.Penguins

wedding wedding

“I should wax my what?”  Another hilarious illustration giving light to the madness women go through to look good and on trend with today’s standards of grooming. This reminds me of the countless beauty fails I subjected myself to as a budding woman in my early twenties. Once upon a time (not entirely too long ago), someone told me how gorgeous I’d be as a redhead. Really?! The relationship I’ve had with beauty tips have sometimes ended up in a beauty blender. Lesson learned? Tips aren’t always Pinterest perfect, and in many cases can be more of an experiment. As a mom of four, there are too many experiments in our everyday to start making extreme transformations to ourselves! But when we do and things don’t turn out exactly as planned, we have to remember to take it with a grain of salt – life’s too short to take everything so seriously!
penguin cartoon danielle schaffer

Penguins of America is James Patterson’s first book with his son, Jack. His son’s love of penguins was the original inspiration for the book. When Jack was five years old, he told his father he should write a book about penguins. Twelve years later, we have Penguins of America, a collaborative creation between father and son. As we shuffle through the ups and downs of life, it’s easy to take things far too seriously, but when we see our flightless friends, these penguins walking in our shoes, it’s impossible not to recognize how ridiculous we actually can be at times.

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This Post Is Sponsored In Partnership With  Little, Brown & Co. Thank You For Sponsoring CityGirlGoneMom!  As Always, All Opinions Are My Own!


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